The Anatomy Of A Trade Rumor

“Percy Harvin is being traded to the New York Jets in exchange for Darrelle Revis.”

I can just hear those words flowing off the tongues of numerous casual NFL fans at the water cooler tomorrow morning, and I want to tell you why you might be hearing that, despite the fact that it is a very far-fetched idea that has an incredibly low probability of actually happening.

Last year, infamous Twitter personality “Incarcerated Bob” claimed to have inside knowledge that the Vikings were shipping Harvin to the Jets in exchange for a second round pick.  Of course, the trade never happened, and “Bob” later claimed that it was the Jets that foolishly backed out of the deal at the last second.  “Bob” has a very loyal fanbase that swear by his “reports” and therefore a good deal of them have been expecting the Jets to once again, after Harvin made a strong pre-injury case for the MVP award, talk to the Vikings about taking the troubled utility man off their hands.

Now, local Minnesota media like 1500 ESPN and Access Vikings did little to quiet the crowd this season, reloading a boatload of Harvin-being-traded speculative stories time and time again.  Between all of these reports, and a lack of denials from Harvin himself, pretty much everyone seems convinced Harvin has worn a purple jersey for the last time.

Now, nobody likes some good old fashioned speculation more than I do, but Dan Pizzuta of Rant Sports recently connected some dots and wrote an article about the possibility of the Jets sending star cornerback Darrelle Revis and his massive contract demands to Minnesota in exchange for Harvin.  The article makes for some interesting fan fiction, but I promise to post a video on this site of me doing the Harlem Shake in a cheesehead if it actually comes true.

That didn’t stop Evan Bleiee, on opposingviews.comfrom erroneously calling Pizzuta’s speculation article a “report” that “has Revis heading to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for playmaking receiver Percy Harvin” and making it seem like more fact than fiction.

Now that there is a “report” of Revis-to-Minnesota and Harvin-to-Jets out there, however, I can just hear the morning shows citing it like there is something of substance behind it.  After all, these same media types ran specials on Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend without doing enough fact checking to realize she didn’t exist.  They are the same ones that thought it was so special that a female kicker was trying out for the NFL, despite the fact that she wasn’t even a kicker.

So, when you hear that conversation at the water cooler tomorrow morning, you can explain to your co-workers exactly how these things get blown out of proportion.  Tell them why the trade makes no sense.  Promise them it isn’t going to happen.

Offer to do the Harlem Shake while wearing a cheesehead if you are wrong.

What’s the worst that could happen?

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Revis will never play for Leslie Frazier, Les runs a Tampa 2 style defense that devalues corners and requires a very different skillset than what Revis provides. Revis is a Man to Man corner who can lockdown one receiver all game but doesn’t like playing zone which is what the Tampa 2 focuses on. As much as I hate the Tampa 2 and love Revis he will never come here.

  2. Plz plz plz don’t start off with that sentence ever again. Was checking news for the first time today and when I read that my stomach literally sank. Haha.

  3. I actually get the feeling that the Vikes would like to have a shutdown corner like Revis despite the Tampa two defense. They spent an awful lot of time talking up Claiborne last year, and though I’m sure about 90% of that was just aimed at taking the spotlight off Kalil, I do think there was some truth in their feelings on him. That being said, I don’t really see how a straight up Harvin for Revis trade works for either team. The Jets cap is a mess with or without Revis, so fitting in a new deal for Harvin when they already have a huge deal for Holmes on the cap wouldn’t make much sense. For the Vikings they could probably afford to give Revis a deal next year when Jared’s contract will come off the books, but Revis’ no franchise tag clause will still be there and there is no way they would do a new contract with significant guarantee’s until they are sure that knee is okay. Harvin’s younger, cheaper, and can be franchised next off-season, so unless the Jets were including a clause that would send a high draft pick to the Vikes if Revis leaves after a year, I really don’t see why they would make that deal.

    1. I don’t know, Dan, I think the Nnamdi in Philly experiment shows exactly why investing THAT heavily in a cover corner can hamstring your roster.

  4. nicely done sir brosef! i remember wondering if this could happen on one of your threads. i’ve never heard of this ‘bob’ ‘insider’, however. i sure hope you dont end up dancing lol

    1. Incarcerated Bob is quite the story… google him some time… it’s interesting to say the least.