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The 2013-14 season is likely Jared Allen’s last season as a Minnesota Viking

The Vikings are currently negotiating a contract extension with defensive end Everson Griffen and recently completed a four-year contract extension with defensive end Brian Robison.

What about All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen?

There are currently no contract talks between the team and Allen’s camp.

It is apparent here that Minnesota is attempting to lock two of its younger pass rushers. Robison, 30, received a four-year deal worth a reported $22.4 million. Griffen, 25,  recently rejected a contract offer by the team, but that is likely just a part of the contract negotiation process.

Allen, 31, isn’t much older than Robison, but would likely seek a contract much more lucrative to Robison’s $5.6 million per year average. Allen is currently earning $14.3 million for the 2013-14 season.

The door is not completely shut on Allen returning, but the writing is on the wall.

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  1. If I were Vikings management I would approach Allen and say we really want you to retire as a a Viking and believe you can help our team. Unfortunately we cannot afford what you are probably worth and you deserve a chance at a championship. As much as we feel we are close and are closer with you than without we want to give you the opportunity to get one last big payday and a ring. We cannot provide both.

  2. Allen is gone. He will want 17 million a year. And the Vikings will say go see if you can get that somewhere else.

  3. I’m sure over at least the last year the Vikings have asked Allen to redo his contract.

  4. Hey Adam or Brett what is up with the likes? Makes me feel like I am on facebook. And I hate facebook.

  5. AD was in Sioux Falls SD. All kinds of rumors about why. I heard he was visiting Sanford health for family issues. I hope and wish everything will be ok for AD.

  6. Best wishes to AD and his family. I’m really torn on this Robison deal. They probably needed to do it to free up some cap space, but they are currently 1-3 and the defense has been terrible at times. I wish they could have focused on Griffen who is not only younger, but has a bit of sceme versatility. You don’t want to invest a bunch of money in 4-3 defensive ends when there is potential for coaching and scheme changes in the offseason. Doing Robison’s deal now locks them in to the 4-3 defense. Nothing against Robison either, he’s great, I just don’t understand the timing of the move.

      1. I would think they would stop those negotiations now until after the season is complete. That’s what I meant when I said I wish they could have focused on Griffen, I would rather have him inked now during the season and go into the off-season leveraging Jared and Robison’s deals against each other…after you figure out if your going to continue to run a 4-3 defense of course. If we end up finishing the season as poorly as it’s started we may end up with a top five draft pick and if Freeman ends up playing well to the point that QB isn’t a need, Clowney could be a draft target. They probably didn’t have the cap room to extend Griffen before Robison though.

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    1. It makes me sick to my stomach, So heartless to hurt these Innocent Babes.
      This guy needs to reap what he sowed.

  8. The Vikings could extend any player they wanted without it effecting this season’s salary. Any extension does not need to take any cap space this season. An extension covers future seasons. The Vikings are scheduled to have a lot of cap space next year.

      1. …. and I meant “affect.” Just awful grammar and incomplete sentences. I’m sorry.

  9. Adrian Peterson’s son has passed away according to Sioux Falls police. Sad, so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to AD.