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REPORT: Percy Harvin’s First Name Is “Percy”

Did you know that Percy Harvin is unpredictable and seems to be unhappy?  Did you know he would like to get a contract extension?  Did you know he would like to make a lot more money than he makes right now?  Did you know he might be traded?  Did you know he could end up holding out?

For some odd reason, these possibilities are once again being regurgitated by almost every major news outlet around, and it is starting to get very annoying because nobody is really adding anything to the conversation that we didn’t already know two months ago.

So, consider this a sort of public service announcement I guess: Try not to sweat all the “reports” coming out, as they are simply being written to create a sense of imminent drama that won’t come to fruition for about another month at the earliest.

Still, let’s review the different ways this could possibly play out:

TRADE:  Yes, the Vikings trading Percy Harvin seems like a very good possibility, if they can someone to meet their demands.  Vikings fans should temper their expectations, however, as Miami only received two third round picks in return for Brandon Marshall.  I’m not saying the Vikings won’t get more for Harvin, but the trade package is likely to underwhelm a good portion of the fan base.

PAY:  Harvin is a game changer, without a doubt, and likely wants to be paid like the MVP candidate that he was in the first half of 2012.  His agent, Joel Segal, managed to get five years and $42.5 million for Pierre Garcon during last year’s free agency spending spree.  The Vikings have more leverage with Harvin, because he has one more year on his contract and two years of franchise tag eligibility, but he is also a far superior talent to Garcon.  I would expect him to sign a deal in excess of $55 million (5 years) with at least $25 million guaranteed.

Dig In:  The Vikings may have actually gained some leverage when Harvin recently received a pay bump for next season, because he stands to lose more money if he holds out.  Harvin could hold out until week 10 without seeing his contract year toll, but the Vikings may not mind that so much.  Harvin is the type of player that you almost expect to only play a partial season anyways, and they could have him for the second half of the season this year, and possibly a playoff run, by letting him lose as many game checks as he wants through the first half.  Don’t underestimate the leverage the Vikings have.  They could simply franchise him in 2014 and deal him away at that point.

UPDATE:  As some of our great Twitter followers have pointed out, Harvin’s first name is actually “William.”  So… The situation regarding our smart ass headlines is fluid.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. it’s also a slow time for nfl news

    read a couple times that we’d only be able to get a third for him, but i really hope we keep him

    so, adam, do your dog’s ears perk up to william?
    didn’t think so

  2. Thank you for mentioning that the Vikings are actually the party that has leverage in this situation. I’ve been getting really irritated how every erroneous report out there makes it sound like Percy has the team over a barrel. Percy has no leverage. The team won without him last year, he doesn’t get paid if he holds out, and if he shows up and acts like dick it will ultimately hurt the contract another team is willing to offer him. Having him play out this year and then play under the tag for a season isn’t a bad two year deal for the Vikings. Could he make it uncomfortable, hell yes, and that’s why I think the team ultimately will make a deal to move on, but this isn’t the dire situation the reports make it out to be. Also, regarding the compensation, a lot of the folks who were sure Spielman wouldn’t be able to trade out of the #3 spot in the draft last year are the same people predicting a third round pick or lower for Percy. It only takes one team or coach out there to believe Percy is the missing link in their offense and special teams to get some good offers rolling in.

  3. also his middle name isn’t even percy, it’s percival.
    but good article, not that great of a title.

  4. The way I figure, the volatile situation surrounding William Percival Harvin should die to a smoldering ember before the mini camps start. It’s management’s job to handle these sorts of things, and it’s time for Spielman to get on it. Harvin has an impressive upside, and with the dearth of team depth at his position, cooler heads, eventually, will prevail. And, what’s wrong with ‘William?’


    The situation with Harvin unfortunately is real and it will not go away unless a team is willing to trade for Harvin or the Vikings agree to give him a very large contract. So get ready for more regurgitated Percy news and rumors until the real story breaks.

    Mini camp? I hope we see a bidding war between the 49ers, Patriots, Seahawks and Jags for Percy – and this standoff gets resolved before the draft.

    I don’t think Frazier or Spielman want a Percy distraction during camp. I see 2 choices, you pay him or you trade him. Holding out of camp and up to 10 weeks of the season would be very bad for both Percy, the Vikings, and the NFL.

  6. Fred kind of likes the name Billy Harvin. It’s got a nice ring to it, maybe Will, or Willy or Wildo.

    I hope old Zig says, ” Listen to my words Spielman, we get a first round choice for Bill Harvin or that bastard Willy can sit his ass in Florida and rot all year long next year. You don’t believe me? Go ask my son Marky Mark.”

    This issue wouldn’t impact the locker room next year one bit, hell it didn’t seem to impact it this past year did it? Why would it be worse next year when “part time Percy” would be no where to be found?. He would be nowhere near the locker room. The team has already moved on from him and seemed to survive just fine.

    Given a choice, Freds would rather this spoiled brat in the line up than not, he is a wonderful player. But given no choice, Freds would rather Percy rot in Florida not making any money than make some terrible trade and get nothing back. The Vikes can’t afford to let the player dictate trade activity when they are under contract. If history has shown us one thing, when the owner shows some sack, the player usually falls in line. These clowns know their shelf life is very limited in pro football…. Straight Cash Homie!

    1. Freds,
      Hope this works out the same here. Plus I don’t want to see a rotten trade myself, Let him sit at home first…

  7. they tweaked our logo. wish they’d just leave stuff alone. bet they change the unis, too, last year’s sucked

    1. When I was looking at the side by side on the team website I actually thought the old norseman was the new one until I read the change details. I don’t like the shortened braid and think the old versions horns look better. Shortening that braid makes me wonder if they are going to try and incorporate it into the unis somehow. Why else would they feel the need to make the logo shorter?

  8. Well Guys,
    I hope they go back to a 70’s look on the uniforms. I’m with the guy that posted on the Team website.
    I don’t like the pants!

  9. I say we dump these costumes and go back to wearing a Viking uniform! The marketing department can be a real pain in the girdle pads sometimes.

  10. Agree with Charlie and Coach…however, if you noticed, the new logo has changed the horns to match how the helmets look now. Meaning they wont be going back to throwbacks.
    They will change the uniforms, we can only hope they come close to resembling the throwbacks…

  11. C.C.
    Hope your right, Maybe it will a updated Throwback.
    Bud’s Right, Get rid of the Costumes!

  12. If you look closely at the new, revised Logo, they also gave him a bigger squint to his eye and nose job!

    1. Fran,
      Are you saying Rick is going to do the opposite of what he just said. 🙂

      1. Well isn’t that what normally happens?
        Wilfs, two years ago;
        “We’re extremely happy with Brad Childress and think he will bring this team a Championship!”
        Two weeks later. . .FIRED! (One of the happiest days of my life, by the way)

  13. Orrrr….. maybe he means it. The team’s greatest need is WR, and we think they will trade our best one? Let’s all keep the definition of “speculation” in mind, because that is ALL anyone has right now. It breeds like rabbits on the internet. Sources, reports, indications, blah, blah, blah. Specualtion about his placement on IR, specualtion about his ankle, specualtion about his effect in the locker room…. there are lots of players on teams that most of the other players don’t like – its part of the game. The only thing we KNOW is his current status and Rick’s latest quote.

    Here’s my speculation: Percy Harvin is a Viking on Opening Day 2013.

    1. Bud,
      I hope so, I don’t think a 3rd is worth losing Percy over, Plus his Kickoff abilites… Compliment him with a #1 receiver ( Draft or FA ) and a Healthy Adrian, Ponder with another year under his belt…
      Could be a recipe for a Descent Offense!