Lemke’s Bold Prediction #8: Griffen Has Breakout Year / Gets Contract Extension

[Note from Brett: We’re happy to have Mr. Lemke back for another bold prediction for the 2013 season. In prediction #10, Branden submitted that Harrison Smith will be a pro bowl safety this year. In #9, he predicted that the Vikings will hold six receivers on the final roster including Joe Webb and Greg Childs. This time, see how Branden thinks Everson Griffen will fair in 2013.]

Perhaps one of the most underrated players on our defense, and maybe even the entire NFL, is defensive end Everson Griffen. His production as a career backup to Brian Robison has been stellar. 2012 was his best year, racking up 26 tackles, 8 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and who could forget his interception returned for a touchdown against the St Louis Rams? Despite his backup status, I expect to see Everson Griffen push Brian Robison for even more playing time in the rotation, and ultimately, I think Griffen is our guy long term at the left defensive end spot.

Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, Brian Robison, and Everson Griffen are all entering the last year of their contracts. I love all these players, but realistically, the Vikings can’t afford to keep all of them. Griffen is by far the youngest of the group, and if he can put up numbers like he did last year, I think there’s no question the Vikings will pick him over Robison when all is said and done. I think we’ll see Griffen’s playing time increase heavily over the course of the 2013 season, and I am predicting he’ll finish with 35 tackles, 8-10 sacks, and a few forced fumbles. I don’t know what the Vikings thoughts are on keeping Kevin Williams or Jared Allen, given the cost of keeping both of those players may be out of the Vikings financial reach by the end of the season. In a perfect world, all four would be re-signed, but sadly we may be losing some fan favorites in 2014.

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  1. Hey Lemke –

    You know your old Pal Fragile enjoys your writing , but that ain’t bold. Come on! Show us some BOLD man! For example, something like:

    1) Joe Webb leaves football and starts as starting goalie for the Montreal Canadians in 2014.
    2) Heidi Klum is arrested for stalking Ole somewhere in Hawaii
    3) Chrisitan Ponder throws 42 touchdown passes, left handed in 2013/2014.
    4) BJohnny gets arrested for kicking some Packer fan’s ass during a night out in Lake Okobojji Iowa. Well, that one’s not that bold. I suspect old BJizzle has taken a Packer fan or two behind the woodshed before.
    5) Fragile Freds and Al Franken are seen together at Caribou Coffee playing chess and thumb wrestling.

    See? Those are bold. Stupid as hell, but bold.

    Start the damn season!

    1. Thought you missed some obvious ones Freds:

      1. Childress gets selected for Rhodes scholarship.
      2. Arron Hernandez will win humanitarian award.
      3. Ford Pinto will make a comeback.

  2. Freds…Joe Webb can do it all.
    I will give you half credit for that prediction.

    Frazier has done a nice job working with Griffen to keep him focus on football. If Griffen gets his extension, maybe Frazier needs to get one too.

    1. If old Joe were to play in the CFL, the wager would be how many MVP trophy’s he could bring home?…it just wouldn’t be fair.

  3. Freds, it was Brooklyn Decker stalking me until that rat bastard Jumpin’ Joe Webb miraculously leaped over FIVE beach chairs at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and knocked her ass out

    I’ve been living the life of a shattered man after that incident.

    1. I think Ole actually lives in trailer in Azuza Ca. At least that’s what I heard.
      All this Hawaii talk is just talk.

  4. Sharif on KFAN today. Dude sounds solid! Said- doesn’t matter he was a 1st rounder anymore, needs to prove he can play to start and work hard ’cause he’s a Viking now…