Buried at the bottom of my bucket list, right above win a mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, is a desire I’ve been craving for nearly 40 years – watch the Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl World Championship. If I believe what Adrian Peterson is saying, and I have no reason not to, I just might be checking one of those items off my list in the near future.

Last year at this time, I was hearing Peterson say he was planning to come back better than ever by week one. My heart was telling me “that sounds great,” but my mind was focused on how good Toby Gerhart was going to play while filling the gap until I actually saw a healthy #28 on the football field. Little did I realize that Peterson was speaking the truth. Toby would be nothing more than an afterthought as Peterson chased Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.

At the Pro Bowl, Peterson predicted he would win the NFL’s MVP award. He was right. On that special night in February when All Day accepted his MVP trophy… he told the world he was going to win it again next year, then looked at coach Frazier with a twinkle in his eyes and added, “I’m going to win the most important award, the team award, the Super Bowl.

A couple months later, Peterson told Maggie Gray of Sports Illustrated in a video interview, “I want a couple of rings. We’ve got to start at one and we need to get it this year. We have the potential to get to the Super Bowl and win. It’s all about coming together”. The big quote that stole the show was when Peterson said “I’m going to let the chips fall. I got my bar set at 2500 yards. If that happens, the record will be shattered.”

Adrian Peterson has earned the right to talk. In 2012, he had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history falling just nine yards short of Dickerson’s rushing title. Unfortunately for Viking fans, all the experts are saying Peterson’s goals can’t be reached. They say the odds are stacked against the Minnesota Vikings and their superstar. The consensus is the goals are simply too unrealistic even for the immortal Adrian Peterson.

Nope, I’m not buying that. No way. No how. ESPN and all the naysayers need to take notice. Adrian Peterson and the upstart Minnesota Vikings will contrive the greatest multi-game sports event since Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire battled it out for the MLB home run title in 1998. One thing is for sure, America will slow down this fall to soak it all in.

Keep talking Adrian. I believe. Coach Frazier and your young impressionable Vikings’ teammates believe… and the world will soon follow.

As Adrian speaks, so may it be written and so shall it be truth!

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Carl Knowles

Carl Knowles (Contributor) is a former member of the Professional Bowler Association and an avid lifelong Vikings fan. When he is not bowling you can find him on websites and forum pages sharing his creative insight and enthusiasm for the Minnesota Vikings any chance he gets. Carl was a Phoenix Institute of Technology and Purdue University standout who currently enjoys the challenge of being a graphic director in the printing business. You can follow him on twitter @carlknowles_vt.

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  1. Inspiring article Carl. You got me believing too.
    I was one of naysayers last year that didn’t think he could come back from the knee injury ever, let alone almost set the single-season rushing record.
    I’m tempted to lay down a few bucks on the Vikings going all the way this year, especially looking at the Vegas odds.

    After last year and AD’s preseason comments on being suited up for game one, I’ll never doubt a thing Purple Jesus says.
    He speaketh the truth!

  2. If the passing game is improved then logically AD shouldn’t come close to 2500 – or even 2K this year. I would much prefer to see a more balanced offense with Adrian getting a measly 1500 yards otherwise I don’t see them doing much more than last year – if that. Gotta love his desire though.

    1. How about the Vikings start off the game passing and put 28 up on the board in the first quarter, then A.D. takes over and finishes the game with around 150 yards? That would be a great mix of passing and rushing.

  3. Carl,

    Why does Freds have to be like that? I appreciate the sunny outlook, but….I don’t know man.

    1. High on the Vikings for sure! This year will be something special.
      Now pass the chips… I got the munchies.

  4. our window is open. all depends on ponder. we have a really good team, just need to have that magical season, then i can die happy

  5. AD is gonna get that 2500 !!! New receivers will spread the d, giving him more big runs. Click my site link for “The Year of….2500 AD” Shirt !!!!

    1. Ok, l’m not sure it’s because I visited Jack’s site or not but minutes afterwards I picked up a horedous virus. I Am having to bring my laptop in toget cleaned. Completely trashed it. Beware.

      1. Yeah, Fran I clicked it and my virus detector caught it and zapped that sucker. Why Jack?

        1. Mine didn’t catch it so I have to bring my laptop into a geek to ger fixed. Thanks jack. Hope Adamgets this guy gone

  6. As Adrian enters year 7, let’s hope Coach Denzel begins to pull back from the number of carries he gives AP. 350/year is too much. We made the playoffs with A/P having a historic year. Then pooped our pants in the playoff game. The guy was injured by the play off game, by running back standards he’s aging quickly. He can’t help us in the playoffs if he’s hurt or worn down.

    Freds doesn’t care a rip if AD get’s the record or not. Just win playoff games. If our QB doesn’t step it up, AP can run for 10 zillion yards, we still won’t go deep in the playoffs with out a fairly healthy running back and a competent QB.

    1. For cryings out loud Freds, make up your freaking mind. Is it AP, A/P or AD?
      And just so you know, to the knowlegable, it’s AD.

        1. “Knowlegable”??!! Hell, I’m the CMFIC of protecting Adrian’s nickname he’s had since he was in kindergarten. The guy ought to be paying me for this.

  7. Speaking of AD, he is NFL player of the year and comeback player of the year so far.

  8. Whoa there Carl! Let’s not crown them just yet. I’m one of the worst homers I know, but Super Bowl Champs?
    Oh yeah, I agree things are looking up for our Purple. But there are holes that can’t be ignored, MLB, very young DB’s…WR’s and QB need time to gel…and about that QB?
    But AD…yep AD has earned the right to talk, and I do not doubt HE can do it, that would be foolish. But he needs help, and everyone knows it. Especially the other 31 NFL teams.

    I too have been waiting damn near 40 years, so come on Ponder, Jennings, Rudolph…O-Line, Defense! Help this dude out!
    Then we can crown their ass!

    1. IDK CC. I think I’d rather crown their ass right now.
      It beats waiting until the end of the year and seeing them break my heart once again.

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