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Draft Target: Quinton Patton

Are you a wide receiver that has declared for the 2013 NFL Draft?  You are?  Well, then you can fully expect that between now and Draft Day you will be the subject of my “Draft Target” series at some point because, well, the Vikings need help at the position.

Quinton Patton, you are up next!

Patton hails from Louisiana Tech where he played for his junior and senior seasons after playing his first two seasons for the football powerhouse that is Coffeyville Community College.  Patton stands at 6′ 0″ and 200 pounds and combined for 2,594 yards and 24 touchdowns in his final two seasons.

The Vikings reportedly met with Patton during this week’s Combine, which isn’t anything surprising, but they are sure to be interested in a wide out with his skill set to try and boost their offensive production.  A guy like Patton is of particular interest because he is not expected to require a first round investment to obtain.

Patton doesn’t have elite size and he didn’t burn up the forty yard dash in Indy (4.53), but he has very soft hands and is perhaps the most refined route runner in this class.  In fact, Patton didn’t finish among the best at any Combine event other than the 20 yard shuffle, which somewhat aligns with his pedigree.

Where Patton might lack elite he speed he makes up for it with excellent fundamentals.  He gets of the line very quick which prevents an opposing corner from jamming him with success, he displays very good acceleration and body control throughout his route, and has enough wiggle after the catch to make great things happen.  Perhaps my favorite trait he possesses is his ability and willingness to go across the middle on a route with a toughness and attitude that reminds me of a young Brandon Marshall.

He also has a reputation as a player that never takes a play off, is very instinctive and intelligent on the field, and is a rare college prospect that is a proven down field blocker.  One of the best cornerbacks in this Draft class, Johnthan Banks from Mississippi State, says that Patton is the best and most complete wide out he played against in college.

“I feel like (Patton) from Louisiana Tech is the best receiver I’ve played against since I’ve been here,” said Banks. “I’ve gone against some good ones in the SEC, too, but he’s probably the most complete.”

Complete.  Now there is a word that is sure to appeal to Rick Spielman after his Head Coach’s recent comments about what he is looking for in a wide out.

“You’re always looking for speed at the wide receiver position,” said Frazier in Indianapolis. “We need an all-encompassing guy — can run by some people, make a difficult catch, run with the ball after he catches it.”

Patton just might be the “all-encompassing guy” that Frazier is after to take his passing game to the next level, and Spielman may not have to use up his first rounder to get him.

Oh, plus the guy can return kicks pretty darn good, too.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. ok, brad, er, adam, so you like his ‘wiggle’, how about his ‘pluckability’, huh?

    and where do you find these sites, lindy’s sports, really?
    i’ll bet you could’ve gotten in to that combine with this site, and you’re not that far from indy
    now all i need is a sentence about mindy or cindy

  2. They have actually met with Patton twice. The fact that they would use one of their 60 combine interviews on him after talking to him at the senior bowl shows they have some interest. He reminds me of the Jennings/Jones/Nelson types the Packers have used 2nd day picks on to build a great group of receivers. He doesn’t profile as a true #1, but if you get a couple of these guys with great fundamentals you end up with a really good group. This guy is going to be a solid pro.

  3. I would like to get him in the 2nd if we don’tgo WR in the first round. He is good enough to be starting on the outsite, and would fit very well into our offense.

  4. Freds just hopes that Zig does what it takes to land Greg Jenning. Dude still has a good number of years left in his football career. It might be wise to get a high end established WR to help set an example for some of our young receivers on the roster. With this, we wait until round 2 or 3 to target another WR. Freds hopes Rick and Les have their eyes on linebacker and corner.

    We all know Spielman has been playing the “we aren’t spending much in free agency” card, but he has to come into training camp with proven assets at WR. Literally we have none right now, except for the hash smoking cry baby who may or may not be a Viking come training camp. If Rick uses a number one on a receiver, this kid will take a good year to adjust to the NFL and the fans will be going crazy for the ouster of Chis Ponder by year end because he still has no assets at WR. Freds hopes for some WR help out of the draft, but the draft alone doesn’t cure the lack of talent at WR this year.

    As the Vikes went 10- 6 this past season, Ricky can’t use the rebuilding tag anymore. 10 – 6 teams begin to focus on deep playoff runs the following year by adding a key veteran player or two (and the draft) to help fill gaps. It was fun watching Adrian have a great year last year, but our offense was in the lower half of the league from a points scored standpoint. That stinks. Adrian had the best season a running back ever had and we still couldn’t crack the upper 50% from a point scoring standpoint. That stinks. We need a passing game, get Ponder some assets and let’s see if he’s our guy or not. If Ponder is again surrounded by rookies and idiots (technical term for Jerome Simpson) at WR we will be no closer to knowing if Ponder is the future of this team.

    Go get Jennings Zig!

    1. Freds,
      I think alot will stem on what the packers do. I think they will get rid of Finley. Driver is retired. Really think they will put the Tag on Jennings…

  5. If we hit the target on Quinton Patton, we also need to draft his QB in the 6th or 7th round. Louisiana Tech QB Colby Cameron is 6-2 212 and holds the single season and all time NCAA record for most pass attempts with out an INT.
    444 breaks the all time mark held by Russell Wilson.

    Colby completed 68.8 % of his passes this year for 4147 yards. 31 TD and just 5 ints. Colby lacks the big arm but he is smart and makes quick decisions. He is a great leader with a quick release and shows clutch ability in pressure situations.

    He might be the perfect backup QB in Musgrave’s short West Coast passing scheme.