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Draft Target: Kevin Minter

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With the fee agency flurry leaving the Vikings roster somewhat shaken up there is one glaring need that sticks out above the rest at this moment.  Sure, cornerback and wide receiver need to be a point of emphasis.  Defensive tackle could still use some work.  There is one need, however, that seems quite a bit more desperate than the others.

Jasper Brinkley has signed with Arizona while Marvin Mitchell remains a free agent.  That means the position is virtually unfilled at this point and could potentially be a first round priority during the NFL Draft.

So far, Manti Te’o is the only other middle linebacker we have profiled in this series, but we will certainly be filling you in on plenty of other prospects at the position prior to Draft Weekend.  Today, I want to take a look at LSU middle linebacker Kevin Minter, who many Vikings fans have on their wish list for April.

Minter became a starter at LSU in 2011 after his predecessor, Kelvin Sheppard, was drafted in the third round.  His first season was pretty pedestrian, really, as he started 11 of 14 games to rack up 61 tackles.  Of those, 3.5 were for a loss, he had one sack, a forced fumble, and one fumble recovery for a touchdown.  In 2011, Minter was barely a guy one noticed on the star studded LSU defense that included Morris Claiborne and a handful of guys that could easily be drafted ahead of him this year.

In 2012, that all changed as Minter not only became noticeable within the LSU defense, he was named LSU’s Most Valuable Player and seemed like he was All-Everything following the season.  He was certainly more productive, having started all 13 games and notching 130 tackles, 15 for a loss, four sacks, a forced fumble, five defended passes, and an interception.  He still had considerable talent around him, but he seemed to be elevating their play this season, not the other way around.

Minter measured into the NFL’s Scouting Combine at 6′ 0″ and 246 pounds.  He didn’t exactly tear it up with his 4.81 second forty yard dash or his 25 bench press reps, but he looked to be the same guy you saw on tape, for better and for worse.

He looks to be a very intelligent football player who sniffs out screens, shows great diagnostic abilities, and solid gap discipline.  Combine that with a knack for getting around, or through, blockers and you have a Mike backer that just always seems to be in the right place at the right time on running plays.

Minter is a very good run defender and would instantly make things tough on opposing running backs looking to stay between the tackles.  He is an excellent tackler, perhaps the best in this Draft class, and is going to add a lot of consistency in the middle to the team that drafts him.  The ability to crush a ball carrier, however, might be his best attribute when it comes to defending the pass.

I don’t mean to say that Minter is a completely inept pass defender (he isn’t), but my game plan as a coach certainly wouldn’t revolve around matching him up against a guy like Vernon Davis or Rob Gronkowski.  In fact, my game plan would try to make sure that happened as little as possible.

He’s a big man that plays big, but he is also of moderate speed and it shows in coverage.  He is a plodder that can look awkward trying to shadow a running back or provide zone coverage of a slot receiver   He is, in a lot of ways, a lot like what we saw out of Jasper Brinkley during the 2012 season as far as coverage goes.  He is going to struggle sticking with just about any various type of route runner, but will occasionally be able to deliver a jarring hit after the catch.

Minter is already a grade “A” run stopper, and could continue to develop his pass defending via some good coaching, and is a capable blitzer.  He possesses the physical skills to be a middle linebacker in the 4-3 scheme and makes enough big plays to make him very intriguing.

I do think that he is best suited for the 4-3 and that scouts will recognize this.  This might limit the number of teams that place him higher up on their draft boards.  The NFL Advisory committee reportedly gave him a third round grade when he was deciding whether or not to stay at LSU for another year.  Many draftniks have him grading out as a late first round talent, however.

I worry greatly that the Vikings will burn one of their first round picks on a two down linebacker, and I worry that Minter will be a two down linebacker throughout his NFL career.  Thus, I can’t say that I would be real supportive of them taking him at 23 or 25.  However, he has a skill set that is attractive enough, and if they can trade back a bit, or if he is somehow still on the board in the second round when they are on the clock, then I think he could represent a solid addition to the middle of the Vikings defense.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Minter: Bigger and slower, may be a liability in coverage. Games I watched film review on he wasn’t tested..underneath he covered well, but ball never came in his direction.
    versus run he’s solid, sheds tackles ok. In run gap and pass rush he has a strange move where he turns hist back to the defender in effort to push him or spin around him?? it doesn’t work often…most times he ends up on his butt due to being off balance. He’s a project. 3rd/4th round in my opinion….but I also realize that many have him as a 2nd round grade. I just don’t see it. ….has some upside I can see as most of his deficiencies are coachable. Technique needs work. Not a starter for awhile.

  2. should say *blocks not tackles

    And I should clarify that in my film review I NEVER look at highlight reels. Every player has a highlight reel to make them look good. Actual game cutups is the way I do it.

  3. Winfield Coming Back!?
    I found this on Rotoworld:

    Multiple league sources tell ESPN 1500 Twin Cities that the Vikings have had discussions with free agent Antoine Winfield about a reunion.
    Coach Leslie Frazier also confirmed late Sunday that he’s been in contact with Winfield since his March 12 release. “I’m hoping that we can figure out a way to get him back here,” Frazier said. “So, I’m hoping that it’s not goodbye yet.” Per beat writer Tom Pelissero, Winfield “apparently is willing to listen.” In the meantime, Winfield has set up “multiple visits” with other NFL teams

    1. “Winfield has set up “multiple visits” with other NFL teams.”

      Imagine Winfield in a Packers jersey. Horror? yeah.

      1. Sorry Tomb, I was trying to be optimistic! However, the Puckers would probably try to sign out of spite because Jennings left to go to a better team.

        1. LOL…Favre, then Jennings. Can’t really blame the sausage-fingered gravy slurpers for wanting a little payback. I just hope it doesn’t happen, cuz, damn. Winfield with a big dumb “G” on his helmet is heresy.

          1. Hopefully common sense will prevail and AW will come back to where he is supposed to be and the Puckers will be left alone at the alter again. Don’t suppose that big “G” does stand for Gravy slurpers?

    2. oh, man, that’d be so great. i had wondered where les had been in all this, those two have a long relationship and both corners, glad to see it’s at least a possibility

          1. That’s like the second or third time you’ve done that.
            Time to start calling it “Pulled a Tomb”?

    1. Agree. Others have us connected to Nico Johnson, however he is a dublicate of brinkley and won’t add anything.

    1. I think we need to pick up atleast 1 LB in the first 4 rounds. I actually think 2 should be added.

  4. A 3rd down back, punter and some late round help at WR and DB… and we will be ready to put some pressure on Greenbay for the division title.

    Cut Kluwe and resign Winfield!

  5. some of the linebackers I would like to see vikings add either one or mulitple:
    Arthue Brown – I think he would fit well in a tampa 2 scheme
    Gerald Hodges – I really like the guy as a WLB,
    Khaseem Green
    Jonathan Bostic

    1. The last three aren’t bad but Brown is not a Tampa 2 mlb, he’s a worse fit than Minter imo. Too slow short and heavy.

      1. sure about that ? I’ve heard many talk him up to being a very good fit for us, even thinking about taking him in the 1st.

      2. Have to agree with Malte,
        I haven’t anything in the last month that would back that…