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Draft Target: Jonathan Cooper

We have already discussed the possibility of the Vikings upgrading the guard position via the NFL Draft or free agency, and noted that Chance Warmack is one of the better prospects at the position to come out in quite some time.

Not far behind Warmack, however, is North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper whose versatility gives him a fighting chance to actually be selected ahead of Warmack.  After all, some teams seem to place a very high value on versatility and Cooper’s ability to play three (or maybe even four) positions on the offensive line will only increase his probability of getting drafted early on day one.

Cooper recently put on some needed weight and checked into the NFL’s Scouting Combine at 6’ 2” and 311 pounds, which are both good measurements for him to have on file, as there were questions about his ability to play effectively in the NFL at his listed sub-300 weight.

North Carolina has benefitted from a great offensive line, led by Cooper, and a solid run game highlighted by Giovani Bernard.  Cooper has been a mainstay starter for the Tarheels his entire career, proving to be fairly durable with only three missed games on record.

From a scheme standpoint, the Vikings would be an excellent fit for the very athletic and agile Cooper, who is likely to excel as a pulling guard at the next level that is plenty capable of holding his own against the pass rush attack.  He would be that guy, much like Matt Kalil, that you see putting second-level blocks on linebackers on Adrian Peterson’s highlight reel of the week.

That athleticism was on display this weekend as Cooper had an excellent all-around Combine performance that should have solidified his status as a first round pick, possibly off the board before the Vikings make their first selection.

Don’t be surprised if the Vikings end up playing against Cooper twice a year, as this guy certainly must be on Chicago’s radar.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. If Dallas has a lick of football smarts (which they don’t), they will finally invest wisely in an offensive lineman or two during this draft to protect Tony Romo. Your old Pal Fragile has this guy going to Dallas.

    Then again, if he can take a snap from center and jump over a few blue mats, perhaps he can be the Vikings back up QB.

  2. The athleticism in this years offensive line class is ridiculous. 40 times aside, normally 2 or 3 of these guys stand out as looking smooth in the drills and I swear I saw no less than 10 dudes moving around like 300 lb ballerinas, and a few of them are interior guys like Cooper.

  3. I want this guy nearly as badly as Chance Warmack. I really think if vikings draft one of these 2 guys in the 1st round AD will be going creazy. I know we need wr and DT as well as LB but these guys are top 15 talent who could fall just because of their position.

      1. He is clearly top 15 and he is a very very good gaurd, at the level of steve hucthinson when he came out at his time. I think that is worth taking at our spot

    1. haven’t watched one second of any of it. most of these guys won’t do chit in the nfl, so i’ll wait until we draft and then see who proves themselves worthy, but i did read some stuff and hope we avoid the ‘confused’ teo circus altogether; i actually feel sorry for him

  4. I would love to see the Vikings have a shot at Warmack or Cooper. That would give the Vikings one of the best young Olines in the NFL.

    But I don’t think the Vikings can wait until late in the second round to draft a WR. I think the Vikings will need to move back from the 1st round pick, or move up from the late 2nd round to get the WR they really want.

    If the Vikings don’t have a dance partner, they might have to reach for a WR at pick #23.

    1. yeah, could be WRs, early and often. gotta mix in the other needs, but if this isn’t our WR draft, i’ll think tricky ricky is a true fool