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Peterson Is Coming Along After Surgery

After Adrian Peterson overcame his gruesome knee injury last offseason to lead the league in rushing, I suspect many people have actually forgotten he had surgery this offseason, and have no concerns about his ability to recover.

Still, after carrying the ball 20-plus times in his last five games after suffering a sports hernia, we shouldn’t neglect how important he an his health are to this team.  According to Leslie Frazier, however, Peterson is coming along nicely following his hernia surgery.

“It’s kind of happened not by his choice. As you know, he had the abdominal strain late in the season and that’s kind of slowed him this offseason as far as being able to kick it into overdrive and being able to do things the way he wants to do it,” Frazier told NFL Network this week. “So that’s kind of slowed him down a little bit, but he’s just about back to 100 percent, doing everything that he needs to be able to do to be in the best shape he can possibly be for this season.”

Frazier didn’t sound at all worried about Peterson’s ability to be fully ready when the regular season rolls around, but he did indicate the team wants to be more balanced regardless of Peterson’s medical status, and expects his team to be better in the passing game than they have been in the recent past.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Nicely done Adam. You slipped that last sentence in there without succumbing to the temptation of a possible “Ponder shot”. So far so good on your resolution.

    1. Actually “team” should equal QB and WRs. Especially Simpson and Burton (who I am still am amazed is still on this team). I really hope they keep Spider and cut Burton who has done absolutely nothing. A QB can’t do much if he has no one to throw likw aht the Vikes have had the past couple of years. It’s been horrific!

  2. Speaking of shots…
    The Offense got a shot in the arm this offseason and draft.
    Should be balanced this year.

  3. Great news about Peterson recovering from his operation. Thanks for the info, Adam.

    Another celebrity had surgery as well. Angelina Jolie, courageously had both of her breasts removed to prevent her contracting breast cancer. It’s a genetic thing in her family. What I was wondering, is what happened to the breast’s the surgeon removed. They gotta be worth sumthin. Did Angelina save them to auction off later for her charity to feed Africa or did some creepy guy in the hospital abscond with the breasts. It then begs to question, how do you preserve the breasts? Do you keep them in jars of formaldehyde and set them out on display on the mantle of your fireplace or do you take them to a taxidermist and get ’em mounted on a plaque like a trophy buck. Either way, these breasts are out there somewhere in our world. What would be truly tragic is if the creepy guy who stole them from the hospital, twenty years from now, falls on hard times and decides to sell Angelina Jolie’s breasts. It would make for a great episode for the TV show Pawn Stars. But who would Rick call in to authenticate the breasts? My money is on Billy Bob Thorton.

    Any who, hope this issue will keep all of our minds occupied during the slowest part of the NFL season.