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Joe Webb To Start Playoff Game After season-Long Absence

Yes, Christian Ponder’s elbow has prevented him from starting this playoff game, and the Vikings will instead turn to Joe Webb to lead them to their first playoff victory since 2009.  Webb hasn’t played more than a few garbage time snaps all season long.

I’ll get the rest of the inactives up momentarily.

The news is crazy.

That is all.

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Adam Warwas

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    1. Man, I can’t believe how badly Ponder must feel. 2 good games in a row, gets us into the playoffs and POOF! he’s out. Poor dude.

  1. I think this is his 3rd NFL start and they came on a Tuesday, Sunday, and now Saturday. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

  2. I hope Smokin Joe has balls of steel, alot of pressure on him all the sudden. Might take him a couple series to get comfortable

  3. Just me, or does this news not feel fully analyzed until we hear from Fragile?

  4. Dear Mr. Webbs,

    Run your ass off young man….Jump like your life depends on it.

    Dear Mr. Krugs,

    Step off the ledge Krugs! It’s just a game. Don’t jump!

    Dear Mr. Bjohnny,

    Freds knows by nature, you see the glass as half empty, but please try to enjoy the game. Don’t freak, Joe will win us this game.

    Dear Mr. Angry Brett –

    Don’t drink… we know how you get.

    Dear Mr. Fragile Freds,

    Better get to the store and score a rack of Colt 45s before the game starts.

    Vike 24 – Pack 21

    1. Freds has been on the bench for some time, but no sign of rust. Good call, Freds!

  5. I may be in the minority here but I think they should have kept Rosencopter on the roster for exactly this reason.

  6. Looking forward to a jump pass!

    I gotta believe Webb was pretty much aware of this in the last couple of days. If Ponder can’t go today, he sure hasn’t been doing anything in practice. The fact that we are a surprise to be here, and as heavy underdogs, Webb doesn’t need to be all that nervous, but something tells me he is confident enough to believe he can get this done.

    1. Plus, as you said in an earlier post, GB has NO film on this cat. Going to be REAL nteresting game.

  7. Spider! Spider! he’s our man! if he can’t do it then the Blair Walsh project can!

  8. They will be fine if they let Webb be Webb. If they try to make him be a pocket passer (like they did in the pre-season) they’ll be in trouble. Just let him do what he does and we’ll have a chance.

  9. Just heard he is the first starting QB in playoff history who has not thrown a pass in the regular season. What a season!

    I predict Webb will break at least one run in excess of 40 yards tonight.

      1. No way. That award goes to 2010… a record that will never be broken.

        Favre’s 19th comeback. Favre texts his junk to some girl. Star Caps comes to a head. The Dome falls on itself. Vincent Jackson trade efforts. A game played on a Tuesday in Detroit, and another played at TCF. Moss comeback… gets cut. Childress fired mid-season.

        That year was incredible.

        1. Yeah, i guess that was apretty wacky season too. Geez Adam thanks for reminding us. . .

        2. Tuesday was in Philly. Another Sunday was in Detroit. That was a messed up year, at least it got Chilly canned.

  10. So, Mr. Capers, do you blitz this back-up rusty QB? If you do, you better get him, because if he gets away, ouch!

    1. If they blitz and play man coverage behind old Joe could be off to the races. So yeah Capers has to be scratching his head a little.

  11. Just having to worry about Ponder on Play action is daunting, now they have to not only worry about AD in the flat, they have to contend with probably the fastest QB they have faced all year and the possiblity of him stopping and throwing it. TALL order for GB’s defense. This is going to be a real fun game to watch.

      1. Yeah, I guess I’ll keep tuned in for a while.I do need to do a little snow plowing but maybe I’ll put it off for a whle.