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Your 2013 Minnesota Vikings Regular Season Schedule


NFL Network is in the process of their unveiling of the 2013 schedule.  Via Access Vikings, the Minnesota Vikings 2013 schedule is as follows:

Week Day Date Opponent Time (CT) TV & Radio
1 Sunday Sept. 8 at Detroit Noon FOX | KFAN
2 Sunday Sept. 15 at Chicago Noon FOX | KFAN
3 Sunday Sept. 22 vs. Cleveland Noon CBS | KFAN
4 Sunday Sept. 29 vs. Pittsburgh* Noon CBS | KFAN
6 Sunday Oct. 13 vs. Carolina Noon FOX | KFAN
7 Monday Oct. 21 at New York Giants 7:40 PM ESPN | KFAN
8 Sunday Oct. 27 vs. Green Bay 7:30 PM NBC | KFAN
9 Sunday Nov. 3 at Dallas Noon FOX | KFAN
10 Thursday Nov. 7 vs. Washington 7:25 PM NFLN | KFAN
11 Sunday Nov. 17 at Seattle 3:25 PM FOX | KFAN
12 Sunday Nov. 24 at Green Bay Noon FOX | KFAN
13 Sunday Dec. 1 vs. Chicago Noon FOX | KFAN
14 Sunday Dec. 8 at Baltimore Noon FOX | KFAN
15 Sunday Dec. 15 vs. Philadelphia Noon FOX | KFAN
16 Sunday Dec. 22 at Cincinnati Noon FOX | KFAN
17 Sunday Dec. 29 vs. Detroit Noon FOX | KFAN
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  1. So here we go again, time for first predictions. I’m hoping for 9 wins here but take a closer look after the draft.

  2. I’d set the over/under at 7 wins right now. Too many holes on defense, a subpar qb, and questions if AD can run wild like last year.

    1. Just trying to be positive Skol so Freds doesnt call me a negative Nellie. I actually went through and counted 7 wins also but added 2 on hope.

      1. Honestly I’d probably take the under if I was a gambling man. 14 of the 16 games have top tier quarterbacks(12 if you don’t count Cutler) we have a very difficult schedule next year. We need AD to run like last year or Ponder to step up big time to get over

  3. I’ll take the over on that bet. Here’s the key for me- Go 4-2 in the division, win that game in London. And beat the Cowboys and Skins.

  4. Really, the only two games I see as being dang near unwinnable, if that is a word, at Seattle and at Baltimore. The other 14? We have a chance, those teams have holes as well, no?

  5. Come on guys! We were 10-6 last year, overachievers yes, but still. We have depth issues across the board with our team but we haven’t regressed like some are making it out. On defense we lost Brinkley, who was just an average to below average starter at MLB last year, and Winfield who was going to be playing his last season here anyway. We won as many games without Percy as we did with him. Barring a bunch of injuries this team should be right back in the hunt as they were last season. If they have the kind of draft next week that they had last year they will be just fine. It’s unfortunate that the London trip ends up giving them that early season bye week. That to me is the biggest issue with our schedule, especially with our lack of depth in some key areas.

    1. I do think we way overachieved last year. I love AD and think he’s a freak but he won’t be able to repeat last year, we can’t count on that. Our defense was too rocky, especially versus good quarterbacks which we play a lot of this year and we lost Winfield! Ponder is the main piece of the puzzle, if he thrives we could win a playoff game or 2, if he doesn’t improve we could end up 5-11 with this schedule.

  6. I say we win 8-9 games. It is a much harder schedule than last year that’s for sure,.

  7. For what’s it worth. I found this on Rotoworld:’s Ian Rapoport “hears” the Vikings want to trade up in the draft and could be eyeing West Virginia WR Tavon Austin or Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson.
    The Vikings have two first-round picks — No. 23 and 25 overall. Rapoport thinks it’s doubtful Minnesota would trade both, and he’d “bet” the Vikings keep the 25th pick. The Chargers are mentioned as a team wanting to move back from the No. 11 slot if one of the top three offensive tackles doesn’t fall to them, so there could be a match. Austin is looking like a sure top-15 pick next week.

    1. Yeah, and I’m flying to the moon tomorrow. My opinion is this report is mentally challenged. First of all, there isn’t a receiver in this draft that is worth trading up for. Mayock thinks there is a good chance Patterson will be available to the Vikes at 23 because teams are realizing how immature he is as a person and raw as a player. Austin weighs 173 lbs and will not take the beating Harvin was able too, and I don’t think Musgrave wants a player he needs to manufacture touches for. I also don’t know why he felt the need to tell us the Vikings likely wouldn’t need to include both first round picks to move up. The ancient draft value trade chart shows we could move all the way up to 14 by packaging 25 and our 2nd rounder (1100 points exactly) which would put us ahead of the Rams. If you need to go higher than that for Austin it isn’t worth it. I have no doubt the Vikings are calling around finding out what it would take to move up…they do that every year as does every other team. If Ricky was seriously considering moving up any more than a couple of spots for either of these guys then I would lose all faith in him as a GM.

      1. Dan,
        I’m with ya, I don’t think Austin could take the beating at the Nfl level. I certainly don’t want to lose a 2nd round to move up to get him.
        I honestly don’t see them doing that.

  8. I really like the start of the scheldue. could get us going fast and good against “weaker” opponents.

  9. i’d guess around 8 wins, but it’s so dependent on ponder, there’s no telling

    could be 6-10, could be a title, could end up totally different with cassel or mbt at qb

  10. Vikings could win 9-10 games… divisional road games in week 1 and 2 will set the tone and let us know very early if the Viking are for real.

    Spielman could move up or down… I think he will have trading parners both ways.

    Sheldon Richardson is the guy I would move up for… I would take Patterson or Xavier Rhodes too if Spielman can move up without it costing too much.

    But with Sylvester Williams, Desomnd Trufant, Robert Woods and Manti Teo probably still available, I find it very unlikely Spielman will give up much to move up.

    I am not sure if Tavon or Patterson would be a perfect fit with Greg Jennings. I think Robert Woods or J Hunter might fit even better. Woods is a solid returner with good hands that can line up anywhere and… He is a strong blocker in the run game! Woods does not have the exposiveness that Austin has, but the Vikings are built to run the ball… Woods would be an every down player.

    Woods or Hunter could open things up for Greg Jennings just as effectively as Tavon or Patterson.

    1. Richardson and Rhodes are two guys I would be okay with moving up for. My bust-o-meter is just going off like crazy with Patterson. I may be being unfair to the kid, but he seems to have a serious sense of entitlement in the interviews I’ve watched. I won’t deny he’s physically gifted but I’m worried that even if he developes his talent he could be a diva-type WR. If they take him I’m not going to complain because they have obvioulsy spent a lot more time scouting him than I have, but my impression of him is that he’s not the character guy they are looking for. Woods, Hopkins (assuming he wasn’t the one who messed up that combine hotel room) and Pattison sound like the type of character guys the Vikings have been focusing on. Woods in particular seems to have the attention of our WR coach.

      1. Agree on Patterson – I hope he is gone before 23. If they are going to move up in this draft then the only 2 worth going after IMO are Warmack and Richardson. Would love to see them dangle their 4th rounder with the 25 and get either of those guys – preferably Warmack.

  11. I hate the early Bye, but I’ll take the over; If Ponder doesn’t stink it up, we”ll win 10 games.

    1. Fran,
      I hated that also when I saw it. I’ll go on 10 wins you, IF Ponder plays good AND baring any major injuries…
      You and I went low last year, Going out on a limb this year ! lol.

      1. SO MUCH riding on Ponder. If he turns out being a bust, just think how long we’ll be screwed for.
        Hope the dude can stand the pressure. I also hope we get him some MUCH needed help at WR.