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Vikings Free Agent Target: Danario Alexander

Free agency is just a day away, and as we all know, the Vikings will be looking to sign a wide receiver or two. As Adam mentioned a few days ago, The Vikings are believed to have contacted the agents of both free agent receivers Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings, but the buzz of either player coming to Minnesota has seemed to have died down. It looks like Mike Wallace will be heading to Miami, and Jennings wants to play on a team with a “good quarterback” (hard to imagine Ponder comes to his mind). Let’s face it, the Vikings probably aren’t going to make a blockbuster move in free agency, but there are still some legitimate free agent wide receivers who the Vikings will consider.

One guy I think the Vikings will look at is Danario Alexander of the San Diego Chargers. He is a restricted free agent, but only received a low tender from the Chargers despite coming off of a good season. Alexander only caught 37 passes in 2012, but he averaged 17.8 yards a catch going for 658 yards and 7 touchdowns. He’s a big receiver (6’5, 217) who can be a playmaker in our offense. Alexander has a lot of upside, and is the typical young receiver (24) with a lot of potential that I see Rick Spielman having an interest in.

The Vikings may have some competition for Alexander, but he is definitely worth pursuing.

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  1. Branden,
    Do you think Alexander got the low tender from the left knee injuries?
    I don’t think he missed any games in 2012…
    That’s good.

  2. I think he could be a good steal, i mean he has some knee issues but how about offering him a contract based on incentives. Its worth a shot i dont see the negative of trying and taking him from the chargers. I dont see the chargers offering much to match any offers.

  3. Charlie: I’m guessing the leg issues could be a factor, and yes Jorge, exactly. I love how I posted this article and literally 5 minutes later, Percy Harvin was traded haha so now the Jennings speculation picks up. But Alexander would be a nice addition either way.

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