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Rumor: Vikings Could Try To Nab Matt Cassel

The Vikings might not think they need to upgrade their starting quarterback position, but if the one playoff game they were able to play last season proved anything, it is that they desperately need a better backup option.

The Vikings have been linked, in passing, to Chiefs soon-to-be-displaced quarterback Matt Cassel ever since news broke that the Chiefs were swinging a trade for Alex Smith.  Cassel was believed to be a candidate for release as recently as Wednesday, but now the Chiefs appear to have held off on that with hopes of finding a trade partner.

One of those trade partners might be the Vikings.  The rumors continued to filter through the likes of Twitter and other unreliable sources of information, but it also started to get some attention from more main stream media outlets, and it appears as though this might have some legs behind it.

“Continue to hear Vikings really like Cassel,” NFL Network‘s Jason La Canfora tweeted late on Wednesday.

This is about the most quarterback-less offseason I can remember, as the Draft and free agent class are both greatly lacking any star power, but there are still some options that exist that would not require any picks to obtain.  Recently released Ryan Fitzpatrick and free agent Tyler Thigpen are both available, as is veteran signal caller Jason Campbell.

Cassel is currently set to make $7.5 million in 2013, the same salary the Vikings were in line to pay Antoine Winfield, but I would assume a new contract would be a top priority if they did decide to trade to obtain Cassel as a backup to Christian Ponder.  His 2014 salary is scheduled to increase to $9 million, according to Rotoworld.  

We are now two days deep into free agency and the Vikings have yet to sign any players that didn’t play for them last year, but at least the rumor mill is starting to heat up.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. we could use a better back up qb, and webb for sure isn’t going to be able to mentor ponder

  2. As long as they do not use a draft pick on him I am fine with it. Wait until he is released.

  3. I wouldn’t mind Cassel he can teach Ponder how to use his noodle arm. But I do hope we go with 3 qb’s then, get a mid round flyer like Tyler Bray in the 4th to develop.

  4. Backup schmackup!
    We’re scared Ponder isn’t the real deal and takig a flyer on Cassel!
    And PLEASE don’t pick up Urlcher, the guy is done.

  5. Cassel just got released, i think he would be a better backup then tyler thigpen, and whats his name that the steelers just signed. I also think fitzpatrick would make a good back up also, i wonder what contracts would look like for both, as backups of course.

    1. Kolb is also going to be released soon. Could be another option. I wonder if Spider would consider going back to WR. He sucks as a QB but he is still a very good athlete and used to be one any.

  6. On a completely unrelated topic. Can somebody explain to me why Burton and Sherels are still on the roster? Burton has shown absolutely nothing, and Sherels pretty much is useless.

    1. Burton is still under his rookie contract and both are very cheap (Sherels avg. 355,000$, Burton avg. 510,000$). Sherels is a great punt returner and I don’t think it would be very intelligent to let Burton go, given our complete lack of receivers.

      1. He was probably talking about Brandon Burton the corner, not Stephen Burton the WR, but same reasoning applies.

  7. We desperatly need a good backup QB, Ponder needs competition. Cassel would be fine with me if we don’t have to give up draft picks, but if Fitzpatrick comes cheaper I would take him instead.

  8. I’m a little surprised they would be targeting him. I’m not so sure he profiles as the “I’m happy to hold a clipboard,” guy Frazier said they need the #2 to be. If they do bring him it tells me they are not quite as sold on Ponder as they have let on. I still think Thigpen fits a little better because he is very similar to Ponder mobility-wise, but I would be happy to have Cassel if it doesn’t cost too much.

    1. They could be just trying to find the best QB to mentor Ponder. He has not had a veteran backup to help him and it shows, That is a mistake the Vikings have definitely made.

    2. He spent his entire college career as a backup, was drafted as a backup to Brady and has had his fling as a starter – I think deep down he is probably looking forward to not having all the pressure being a starter brings. Plus, if your only options look like being a backup but you want a chance to start then I would think sitting behind Ponder would look pretty good – no matter what they say publicly, Ponder has 2 strikes on him and if he starts stinking up the place he will be pulled sooner than later (I hope).

  9. Wow, is anyone else seeing Simpson got $2 million to put on a Viking jersey next year? No wonder he signed so quickly, I can’t imagine he would have gotten an offer that gave him half that much anywhere else.

  10. Jennings and Cassel. I can live with that.

    I am warming up to Jennings… if we can get him at a reasonable price? Jennings and Cassel would be good veteran leadership to our young guys.

    Yes, I want both… moving Harvin and Winfield has me sour! Spielman needs to do something big!

  11. Here is a news tidbit though I found on Rotoworld:

    ESPN 1500 Twin Cities’ Tom Pelissero passes along word in the agent community that the Vikings will likely sign free agent Matt Cassel “if they can agree on money.”
    Pelissero calls the money “a big if, of course,” but ESPN’s Adam Schefter stated on SportsCenter Thursday that “It sounds like Minnesota is the favorite right now to get Matt Cassel.” Schefter’s use of “the favorite” was a bit generous. The Patriots also make sense as a potential Cassel suitor, but Minnesota can offer him a much better shot at 2013 playing time.

    1. Is it good news? Or have the Vikings tipped their hand that they’re not too sure of Ponder either?
      The reason Cassel is on the market is because both New England and Kanas City both didn’t think much of him.
      I hope I’m wrong but I think we now have two mediocre QB’s on hands.
      Cassel was 19-28 in KC and turned the ball over about 55 times.

      1. Fran,
        He actually did good in New England. He ended up signing a big contract with Kansas city.
        Your right, in was bumpy in K.C. 2010 He had a good season. I think our O-Line is better than K.C’s
        Hope we get the Good Cassel !

  12. Adam Schefter says Cassel will compete with Ponder. Can’t wait to hear what Spielman has to say!
    Wow! What a day.
    C’mon Jennings, you’re next!

  13. Here is some good divisional news. Steven Jackson signed with the Falcons, not the Packers where everyone thought he was going to sign with.