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Reports Of Interest In Driver Make No Sense

I was wondering when the NFL media machine would kick out the first interesting, outside-the-box rumor about our beloved Vikings.

Apparently the answer was “today.”

According to reports originating from Fox 11 in Green Bay, the Vikings have interest in 38 year old wide receiver Donald Driver.  Driver has a professional relationship with Fox 11 which has led some to speculate that the station is simply doing him a solid by creating reports of interest.

That cynicism makes sense, because any real interest from the Vikings really doesn’t.

The Vikings have made no secret about their desire to become a roster full of young talent and Driver’s age is the first red flag, especially since Michael Jenkins appears to be on the chopping block in large part because he is 30 years old.

Also, Driver hasn’t exactly been lighting it up for Green Bay like he used to, despite the fact that their wide receiver depth was riddled with injury all season long.  He played in 13 games and caught only eight passes, the lowest total since his rookie season.

Those eight grabs went for 77 yards, which averages out to a career low average of 9.6 yards.  Two of them, however, were caught for touchdowns, so that is one bright spot in his 2012 stat line.

Driver has had a damn fine career as a Green Bay lifer, and even an avid Vikings fan has to admit he is a class act, but the truth is that he hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2009 and it seems highly unlikely that his regression will be reversing anytime soon.

Heck, I’m not even convinced that the 29 year old Greg Jennings would be the smartest use of resources for the Vikings, but it would certainly make more sense to me than a run at Driver.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. My first thought when I saw that report was “I didn’t know we needed a new WR coach.” That’s really the only reason I could see Driver coming here, in a coaching capacity. I do think they will be kicking Jenning’s tires, but the only way I see Driver wearing purple is if it’s a polo shirt on the sidelines as an intern during training camp.

  2. suspicious that we’d really want him. maybe we’d just want to talk to him a little, get some inside info, maybe a minnie driver thing, hehe

  3. Go ahead and kick the tires, but I don’t think that race car will ever see a green flag agian.