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Antoine Winfield Signs With Seahawks reports that veteran Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield has signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

“It was a very tough decision for me because of the relationships that I have in Minnesota,” Winfield told Anderson. “I’ve been there nine years. I’ve had some really great coaches, teammates and fans there. I’m very grateful to the Vikings organization for my experience.

“I’m definitely excited about the opportunity to play in Seattle. They’re a great football team. Those guys did an excellent job last season. They’re young, athletic and energetic. I’m excited to play with Richard (Sherman), Brandon (Browner), Kam (Chancellor) and Earl (Thomas) because they’re some of the most talented players on defense in the NFL right now.”

Winfield was released last month suddenly by the Vikings and thus was an unrestricted free agent. The initial report is that the two parties agreed to a one-year deal. The details of the contract are not known at this time.

The Seahawks, who already boasted arguably the NFL’s best secondary, will likely utilize Antoine Winfield in nickel situations.

The loss of Antoine Winfield leaves the Vikings depth chart at cornerback with Chris Cook, Josh Robinson, A.J. Jefferson, Marcus Sherels and Brandon Burton. While middle linebacker likely still remains the number one priority for the Vikings less than two-weeks before the 2013 NFL Draft, cornerback is now definitely a very, very close second.

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. I am sure it was not a tough decision for him. They could offer to pay him more than the Vikings would or could. It all comes down to money once again.

    1. They’re also better poised for a SB run. They are a better team than the Vikes, at this point. Can’t blame him for wanting that ring.

  2. It is a good thing the vikes have 11 picks. More holes are appearing in the defense. I am sure this will change what they might do in the first round.

  3. So long Antoine Winfield, and good luck to you! You play football the right way….You will be missed.
    He ranks up there on the all-time great Vikings on defense. The best CB…Yes.

  4. bummed. really poorly handled. yes, he has lost a step and was too expensive, but the vikes lost an excellent player and leader, and the FO lost respect. he never should’ve been put in the position to get to his contract escalators in the first place, and then to kick him to the curb that way? stupid mismanagement. there were better strategies available at a couple of junctures to keep him

    thanks to winfield for being a viking

  5. One of the best guys to wear a Vikings uniform.
    Should have Never went down this way,
    Wish the best for him.

  6. Wow, hoping he would come back but had that feeling he but who would after how all of it went down. I definitely wish ‘toine the Best and he has a pretty good shot at a Ring how-thats a good thing. Now for the Vikings at this point on paper their defense STINKS.

  7. Sorry, its a Good Thing very good Thing Antoine has a shot at getting a Ring. And again the Viks defense STINKS

  8. Well this really sucks. Certain to change our draft. Depth just went to hell at DB.
    In hind sight, I wish we never would have invented the “Poison pill” crap with Hutchison. I think Seattle is still butt-sore from that. Rice, then Harvin and now Winfield.
    They get anymore of our players and maybe they’ll have enough Vikings for me to switch teams. . .
    Just kidding.

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to the Seattle/Viking game this year. Maybe I’ll pick up a Viking/Winfield jersey to wear. They should be pretty cheap about now.

    1. Well shit, if you’re going, maybe I’ll try to get a vendor to hook me up with tickets…tho I’m not big on going there…would rather watch the game on TV. No crowds, no rain, can afford the beer.

      Nevermind, I’ll look for you on TV Fran…

  9. I just bid on a Viking/Winfield jersey on Ebay for $7.50. It’s a size 52. Anyone know what that means? XL, XXL or XXXL?

      1. I have no idea what a”stitched” Jersey is. I figure for $7.50, I can’t go wrong.
        I’m not sure when we play in Seattle but I’m set on going. I even just told my wife that would make a great B-day present. You should try to make it. I may need someone to help me fight my way out of the stadium wearing Viking gear if we win.

        1. Well, I mean where the numbers and name are actually sewn on, instead of the screen print…but you’re right, it doesn’t matter.

          Fran, how are you gonna roll? You and the missus flying down and getting a hotel, or do you have a Frannebago RV you cruise down in?

          Tell you what, let’s see what the date is, and maybe I’ll be able to meet up with you there…could be fun.

          1. So that’s a pretty good deal on the jersey, eh? So TELL everyone about it!! Thanks buddy! I’ll probably end up paying a hundred bucks for it now.

            If I go, and it’s likely, I’ll probably go down my myself. Mrs. Fran ain’t much of a football fan and we’ve been married long enough that she’s just fine getyting me out of the house for a while.
            It’d be cool as hell to meet up down there. The new schedule comes out this week,lets see when the game is and take it from there. Maybe some other VT fans can make it? We could get a block of seats on the 50 or something. . .

        2. Fran, I found the jersey you’re talking about. Wow, it actually IS a stitched jersey, great shape, and the older Reebok style that doesn’t look as retarded as the new Nike design.

          You’re lucky I know it’s you bidding on it, or I’d definitely bid on it myself. Would love to put that rascal on my wall of fame. I’d easily go $50 on that one. Of course, there is almost 5 days left. I would bet you won’t be getting it for $7.50.

        3. Fran,
          Yeah been looking at Antoine photos myself on E-Bay.
          Like to get something of his while I still can.

          1. I’d suspect his Viking gear will be getting cheaper as time goes on. I’m just looking for something to wear to the Viking/ Seahawk game that isn’t TOO offensive to the Seahawk fans and a Winfield jersey might be just the ticket.
            Just started talking about it but maybe Tomb and I will be meeting up down there. Any chance you might? Or some of you other VT’ers?

            1. Sounds like fun, But in the middle of house renovation this year.
              I wont have the cash…

              1. Too bad, it’d be good to meet you in the flesh PC.
                As soon as the 2013 schedule is released (Thursday) I’ll get a post going on the forum and see if any VT’ers might want to get together at the Seahwak/Viking game.

  10. And just so you know Adam, I checked the “Fan Cave” for a Winfield Jersey before going to Ebay. Couldn’t find one.
    BUT, you can still get a Erasmus James, Bernard Berriman and Mewelde Moore but no Winfields.

  11. Not that I have nothing else to do but I went and checked out all the Viking jerseys available on the “FanCave.”
    You can still get a Farve, Darren Sharper, Koren (And Marcus) Robinson, Bryant Mckinnie, Troy Williamson, Harvin, Randy Moss, even Chris Hovan!
    But no Atoine Winfield.

  12. I also clicked on the “Pebble Beach” and the “Amazon” link, like all good VT fans should do every time they visit Vikings Territory. . .

  13. I really don’t see how this would change their draft plans. Even if they had kept Antoine they needed to draft his replacement (they’ve been trying to dating back to Asher Allen). They actually had some success last year when they drafted Harrison Smith. He’s not going to be lining up in the nickle, but I do think Smith is the heir apparent for the leadership role of the secondary. I think his maturity is a big part of the reason they were willing to release Antoine in the first place. I still think they should have just paid Antoine the money he earned last year, but they weren’t going to be able to count on him to play as much as he did last season.

    1. It seemed pretty obvious a few days ago thsat we’d be going WR, LB or maybe DT in the first round, now with the loss of Winfield, I’m just thinking we may let that sway us to a DB if someone falls.

  14. The Vikings got very good production from the rookie DBs Harrison Smith and Josh Robinson. They combined for 5 ints and 160 total tackles and helped our pass defense take a step in the right direction.

    The Vikings might have to hit home runs on 2 quality DBs again in this draft to make up for Winfield.
    Winfield and Harvin were fun to watch… Big shoes will need to be filled this season!