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Your 2013 NFL Draft Class

While we wait for official word on whether or not Cris Carter’s son Duran rounds out our undrafted free agent class, I realized that I have yet to put all of our draft picks in one spot for you all.  Here is your 2013 Vikings Draft Class with a little tidbit about each one:


A versatile player that will immediately make the Vikings more able to keep their defensive line rotation fresh for a full 60 minutes.  He is best suited for under tackle, and will probably succeed Kevin Williams next offseason, but he can also contribute at the defensive end spot on running downs and at nose tackle on passing downs if the coaches see fit.  Many view Floyd as the steal of the first round.


A press corner with great size and physicality, plus a nice vertical leap.  If Chris Cook can stay healthy, and out of trouble, then Rhodes could finally give the Vikings a formidable duo on the outside of their secondary.  If both are on the field at the same time, and Rhodes lives up to his expectations, then the Vikings are expected to be more aggressive when it comes to getting after the quarterback.


After sending a boatload of picks to New England, the Vikings moved up to snag their third first round pick, the raw wide out from Tennessee.  Patterson is perhaps the most physically gifted wide out in this class, and my favorite thing about him is how well he does after the catch, but he is expected to need some coaching and time before realizing his full potential.  Expect him to play a role similar to what Percy Harvin played in the offense last year, as well as a possible return man, but he also has the size to be a more consistent presence on the outside and down the field.


He has spent time throughout his career at safety, outside linebacker, and even middle linebacker.  His most likely landing spot for the Vikings is at weakside linebacker, especially if the Vikings kick Erin Henderson inside, but he brings some much needed range and speed to a group of linebackers that get overrun by mobile quarterbacks.  He’s a little undersized, but I still think he might be our best option when it comes to covering some of the speedier tight ends on the schedule.


I don’t understand the confusion and surprise over this pick.  Special teams coordinator Mike Priefer traveled from campus to campus digging deep on the punter prospects in this class.  The Vikings jumped to the front of the line and landed their most coveted one in Locke.  In doing so, they save over a $1 million in cap space (assuming they promptly cut Kluwe) that can help them in the later stages of free agency.  They also get way younger at yet another position and arguably upgrade their ability to have better field position throughout the season.  Locke is a left-footed punter that Spielman described as an excellent directional technician and as a great holder.  Blair Walsh and Locke stand to help the Vikings become on of the NFL’s premier special teams units for years to come.


The Vikings needed to add some competition to the offensive line as well as some versatility, and Baca brings all of the to the table.  He was experience playing at every position of the O-line and should immediately be in competition for either guard spot, or as a utility backup.  He has nice size, if a very good run blocker, and has 45 starts under his belt as he enters the NFL.  Don’t be surprised if he starts to push Brandon Fusco in training camp for the right guard spot.


His injury history is long and serious.  When healthy, however, Mauti was one of the better middle linebackers in all of football.  He is known as a high character leader that helped keep the Penn State program intact after the Sandusky scandal turned everything upside down.  He’s played every linebacker position in the 4-3 defense, but is surely going to be in the mix for the Vikings vacancy in the middle.  Eric Sugarman signed off on this selection which means that Mauti should, at least temporarily, be a healthy addition to the training camp competition.


At 6′-6″ and 329 pounds, Bond is a big huge dude, but he is currently the smallest he has been in a long time.  Bond prides himself on being road grader in the run game and, while he might be a long shot to make the roster in the end, I hope to see him line up next to Phil Loadholt at least once in the preseason.  That’d be a mammoth duo for Adrian Peterson to run behind on the right side of the line.


Yet another addition to the defensive line, which will have an enormous amount of compeition this offseason.  Dawkins is an undersized guy with experience playing the three-technique position, so he will join Floyd in providing the veterans with some competition at what is suddenly the teams deepest position.  He makes up for a lack of size by playing with speed and technique, providing some pressure on the quarterback.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. The consensus seems to be we got some football players here. I listened to the interviews of the top three picks – no prima donnas there that I can tell, although Patterson says that Moss is his idol – yikes! I think Spielman is showing some consistency in knowing how to run a draft.

    Adam & Brett – FANTASTIC job. Not sure how in the world you guys do all this, but it is really impressive. I did mostly reading and little posting, but turns out you guys have a darn good handle on things (well, other than that wierd ND linebacker – 🙂 )

    Nice job, guys.

  2. Actually Coach, I believe Patterson said that Moss was his “Role Model”, which is even scarier, if you ask me.
    And as long as you’re asking me, I’ll say if just the running and catching part of Moss’s skill set rubbed off on Patterson during these “Role Model” days, all those picks we sent to NE will be well worth it.
    Hopefully he doesn’t fire up a blunt, run down any crossing guards or moon anybody on his way to his first practice. . .(Actually, I’d be ok with him mooning the Green Bay crowd in his first away game at Lambeau, he IS wearing 84, you know)

    1. Well, to each his own, Fran. I’m just not sure I need to see anyone in a Viking uniform “mooning” anyone. But I agree that if we could have someone anywhere near Moss’s skills with a little more maturity and a little less ego, I’d be excited about that player. This Floyd kid really impressed me, seems to have a pretty level head in terms of expectations and attitude. The vets will take him in pretty quickly.

      1. Sure agree about Floyd. Think we may very well have the Steal of the first round,if not the entire draft.
        Time will tell. I sure liked his interview.

  3. I love how Rick seems to draft pairs of players from the same school. The later rounds are such a crapshoot, but little things like this help players feel comfortable coming in as well as helps create a strong locker room. Slowly and surely our roster seems to be acquiring a lot of young talent and building the right way too boost

  4. I mostly just ‘lurked,’ for your perspective throughout. Has anybody mentioned, you guys have a pretty good handle on this stuff! Thanks for your great work!

    1. A Spam Jam, in Hawaii? With Johnnies permission, I’m there! I love me some musubi!

  5. Cordarrelle seems to be humble when he was interviewed by Mike Wobschall, Called him Sir a couple times. I like the respect. When asked on Game changers on Nfl network, What are you going to do with your 1st check… He said help his Mom. She helped me the last 21 years Now its my turn.
    Sidney Rice did the same thing for his Mom.
    I think alot of Kids grew up feeling that way about Moss.
    He will be fine.I like the Kid.

  6. And as Bud said,
    Nice job Guys, And Harvest , Thanks again for your help in getting the live chat.
    It was fun.

    1. I heard that too.
      Here’s what Cayden Cochran, who was the quarterback at Coffeyville had to say about him;
      “the most lazy, whiny & non-work ethic player the nfl has ever seen … Horrible person & will be a complete cancer to any team on the board.”
      Who knows the background between these two but Man, that’s pretty harse.

      1. Guys,
        If he really has that attitude, He’ll never see the end of training camp…

    1. Carl,
      I really hope this kid stays healthy, Hodge too.
      Being originality from Pa.
      I route for the Penn State boys!