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Trade Deadline Produces Plenty Of Noise, No Vikings Trades

I mentioned during our Monday night live chat that I didn’t think the Vikings could manage to swing a trade that sent Jared Allen to a contender while stockpiling draft picks for the upcoming offseason.

My reasoning was simply that there were too many obstacles standing in the way of a deadline deal.  Allen’s age (31), dipping production, and price tag would make potential suitors balk before shelling out anything lucrative.  In addition, Allen could really only be considered by teams running the 4-3, which eliminated roughly half the league right off the bat.  The demand is also just not there, as evidenced by how long aging defensive ends with big names sat on the open market this past offseason.

Now, the Vikings were undoubtedly willing to listen to offers today despite all of the obstacles, and a roller coaster ride of reports indicated Allen was drawing at least some interest.  All of the various reports essentially culminated to the following: The Seahawks and Broncos expressed interest, and the Vikings wanted a second round pick or possibly a third rounder, but a deal couldn’t get done.

Thus, Jared Allen will be a Viking for the remainder of this season as expected, and is likely to move on to another team after his contract expires and free agency opens.

Now, a lot of people have been providing bad information regarding a potential 2015 compensatory pick the Vikings could get for Allen’s departure.  The Vikings will not be eligible for a third round pick.  Allen is over 30 years old and has ten years of NFL experience, which means the best pick the Vikings could receive for letting him walk is a fifth rounder.  This little known rule apparently has some NFL reporters confused, but the Steelers learned this lesson the hard way when Alan Faneca bolted as a free agent, and it even impacted the Vikings back when Jerry Ball departed Minnesota.

Jared Allen has provided us with some of our favorite memories in recent years, and he will be missed, but at this point it seems like he will be leaving for good and the Vikings will get very little in return for letting him.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. JA not moving is not surprising, and neither is squid rice being out for the season, so the hags get less than a full season out of two (with harvin) former vikes receivers this year. also, remember that les wasn’t given an extension after one good year, just picked up his one year option, and he’ll probably be gone next year. give credit to spielman on these, he’s doing a much better job than the system we had before did, and our owners want to win and are spending to do it, too. we need new coaches and players, but the FO is ok, as long as they make good choices in the future

  2. I emailed Florio Monday morning about the age consideration making a 3rd round comp pick for Allen impossible. I was getting really irritated with the inaccurate stories. He emailed me back a couple times which I thought was cool, but did not get any confirmations what I was stating was correct. That must have changed at some point Tuesday morning because he posted a correction story about the comp pick we would be eligible for. That made me feel pretty good this afternoon. Now if we could only know if Spielman and the rest of the Vikings brass actually realized this before passing on any of the trade offers they may have gotten today….

  3. I don’t like any of the QBs coming out this year. There might be one true franchise guy in there, but I think guessing which one will turn out is like guessing what QB the Vikes put on the field any given week. I wish the FSU guy was coming out this year…I don’t think Manziel translates to NFL, that wide out they have bails him out. He’s a scrambler; bails on the pocket and chucks it to their stud wide out. Does not seem like a true pocket passer.

    1. CS -Freds thought the same thing about Russ Wilson coming out of Wisconsin a couple years ago.

      Manziel is a cocky little punk with a pretty darn good skill set and he is a winner. He is the complete anti Chris Ponder who is not at all cocky and would like to win, but isn’t a winner. Manziel has the “it” factor, so did Russ Wilson in college and he now does in the pros.

      Manziel seems like a complete cornhole. Freds does think however that this dude wants to win bad enough that he will make an impact at the pro level IF he can learn to stay in the pocket a bit more. If he doesn’t he will be killed.

      Taking him in round one, would make your old pal a bit itchy that’s for sure.

  4. Yeah, I really wouldn’t want that guy around, I don’t think. What about the Louisville kid, CS? I like him, what little I have seen.

  5. I think I like Winston too much. So, matter who they they take next year, I’ll always wish we had him. It’s kinda like the Wolves always missing out in epic drafts. Haven’t seen enough of the Ala. kid, I do like Bridgewater.

  6. now I know why cassell was moved to #3 and will probably be done as a Viking (as compared to the QBs who haven’t won a game) …looks like he may have cost us the #1 pick…

    1. Yep, hard to argue will those cold hard facts. It is obvious that the coaches can not get the players to play for them or put them in positions or schemes that they can not succeed.

    2. Not a pretty collection of information, krug. Numbers aren’t always a full indicator, but 1-6 is the bottom line.

  7. ff- i hope you’re right. but, i hope our front office is right, more. I say front office needs overhaul. Ever had a bad job? Starts at the top…

  8. i bet this is the last year we see the big reach and the big reach-around both on the team, and maybe both gone

  9. It is really hard to watch the Vikings offence and defense after watching NDSU play. NDSU runs a west coast offence and tampa 2 defense. NDSU runs both of them the way they should be run, not like the Vikings. If you want to watch a great west coast offence and a even greater tampa 2 defense (I think it is 6 points a game allowed right now), catch a NDSU Bison game. NDSU will be on Fox sports north nov 9. If you have the right players, and coach, you can run a basic offence and defense and win. Vikings should be watching NDSU and learning.

  10. This is going to be a very painful Sunday. My wife is a Cowboys fan, couple that the way the Vikes are playing and 3 of their starting DB’s are out this game, this will be excruciating. Better keep all sharp objects away from me.

    1. give her $500 to go shopping with on the condition that she has to spend it only during game time….that should take care of the first 20 minutes