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Spielman Indicates That He Is One Pick Shy

I have long carried a banner that says “Accuracy By Volume” when it comes to my hopes for successful Vikings drafts.

When Rick Spielman was available to the press in Indianapolis he was asked a lot of questions that he essentially left unanswered.  He offered up nothing new regarding Percy Harvin’s status with the team.  He indicated very little when it comes to possibly restructuring the contracts of veteran players such as Jared Allen and Kevin Williams.  He didn’t say much at all that couldn’t have been predicted, almost verbatim, by anyone that even casually follows the NFL.

One thing he did say, however, perhaps offers a clue to solving the puzzle that is offseason speculation.

“I like picks,” Spielman said when asked about the possibility of trading down on Draft Day.  “My goal is to always have 10, if I can have 10 picks.”

I found these two sentences to be more intriguing than all the others that he spoke combined.  Why?  Because that leaves Spielman one pick short of his goal, that’s why.

I consider this to be a sort of bat signal, an invitation to other teams, indicating the Minnesota Vikings are open for business.  It sounds to me like Spielman has every intention of adding one more pick this season, and it won’t come as a compensatory selection, and would likely prefer to get a jump start on stockpiling 2014 picks, as well.

There are a number of ways Spielman can attain his desired quantity of picks.  Trading down from the #23 spot would go a long ways towards meeting that goal, but so would trading players… good players… really good wide receivers that can also return kicks and line up as a running back, perhaps.

As the Pioneer Press managed to point out when they weren’t stalking Percy Harvin at his Florida home, the Vikings have selected 10 players in each of the last two drafts, and 18 of those 20 are still on the roster today.  Nine of them played as starters, or saw significant playing time, in 2012 and are expected to contribute even more next season.

This Draft class, as acknowledged by Spielman and plenty of others, is considered to be a very deep one with a record number of underclassmen available for the taking.  It may not be as top heavy as in years passed, but there are impact players expected to come off the board in all rounds, particularly in the offensive and defensive line groups.

Prior to the 2011 Draft, I indicated that Spielman has plenty of mistakes on record that resulted from ill-advised trades, but he has somewhat vindicated himself while enjoying more power and freedom during the Leslie Frazier era.

Spielman’s comments in Indianapolis should be considered fair warning, though, that he is aiming for three years straight of successful movement on Draft Weekend.

Which, of course, will make things a hell of a lot of fun.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Trade back a couple spots and take… WR DeAndre Hopkins.
    Great hands!–ncaaf.html

    He measured in 1 inch shorter than C Patterson but Hopkins has longer arms and bigger hands to make up for it.

    I think Hopkins is a more polished route runner and high points the ball better.

    I can’t wait to see who can jump higher or run faster.

    Hopkins would make a good fit with Harvin. Ponder needs a WR with a big catch radius.

    1. Sorry, very sorry… Carl you have been suspended for 48 hours for using the term ” catch radius”. Get your ass into the penalty box and sit there, Freds wants no lip from you. “Catch radius?” Sorry man, that is way out of bounds…fricken Catch Radius?

      Freds understands we are out of season, but Catch Radius should never be heard by human ears ever again. Next time $2,000 grand buddy!

      Thank you.

  2. He’s one of my gut feeling guys. I’m excited to see how these receivers look tomorrow at the combine. Allen won’t be participating but I believe everyone else is supposed to go through all drills.

  3. Been reading alot of mocks and good things about Hopkins.
    Sounds like this would be the draft to move back and get quality players.
    Read that Spielman thought there was alot a value 2nd thru 4th rounds…

  4. Eifert is looking great at the combine today. Another ND tight end for the Vikings?!? Doubt it… They say he’s a better athlete than Rudolph, though. (But that Rudolph is a better ‘football player’….) Ertz has also looked good. I think Eifert could potentially be a first rounder though after his showing today.

  5. If SpielMillen is desirous of draft picks, he should sign Dugan ASAP and trade him to the Dolphins for a #1 and a #4 in 2013 and two #5’s in 2014. I think asking for a #6 in 2015 would be a deal breaker.

    1. Come on out Freds. We can sit outside in our Purple Thongs, drink some ice cold Colt 45’s while we compile charts of the Catch Radii of all the WR prospects in the upcoming draft

  6. As for your Mr. Warwas, your old pal Fragile almost found his way clear of sending your skinny ass to the penalty box for the use of “accuracy by volume”. The only reason your old pal didn’t was because, well, uhhh, Mrs. Freds has used the same phrase for Freds when the lights go down.

    You can thank her.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Freds, for never coming on this site and providing us with too much information about Freds after the lights go down. I certainly don’t want to hear about his catch radius.

      Carl, don’t let this guy bug you. Fred Smoot naturally cringes at the words catch radius. It’s only natural ever since they changed the unit of measurement from inches to “Smoots.”