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Open Forum: Fourth Quarter

The Packers got the ball to start the second half and once again looked calm and efficient against a Vikings defense that appeared to have no answers for either Aaron Rodgers and DuJuan Harris.  An Everson Griffen sack on the drive wasn’t enough to derail the Packers completely but they did manage to hold the Packers to a field goal on a beautifully defended pass from Harrison Smith.

However, a 12-men penalty (Jasper Brinkley) unbelievably kept the Packers on the field inside the 10 yard line which of course is not good.  A quick checkdown to John Kuhn put the Packers up by three touchdowns.

The Packers, with a comfortable lead, were then able to key in on Adrian Peterson and contain him but a few nice passes to Kyle Rudolph and Jarius Wright gave the Vikings some life.  It wasn’t enough to keep them out of a 4th down scenario, however, and that play ended up being the nail in the coffin.  Joe Webb was stripped by Clay Matthews for the games first turnover.

On a great run stop from Fred Evans and Harrison Smith, Smith looked to be seriously hurt, proving that even when things go right for the Vikings they go wrong.  At least that seems to be the way of it tonight.  The Vikings did, however, succeed in getting the Packers offense off the field one play later.

The third quarter ended following a Joe Webb interception.

The fourth quarter has to be really, really, really, really, really, really good if the Vikings are going to pull this one off.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Just think of this;
    We get a much better draft pick by not winning the Super Bowl.

  2. And AGAIN, why not put MBT in? And why the hell would Musgrave call another pass play the rest of this game? He doesn’t have a QB on the field!

    1. There’s no fix in Johnny. We started the game with a WR, who can’t catch, at QB

  3. This only one thing a punt returner MUST do, and that is to …… catch ….. the….. ball …..

  4. what is the Average Blood Alcohol Content at Lame Blow right now

    I’m guessin’ .24

  5. Has any team in the history of the NFL ever just ran out onto the field with a white flag? I’d rather see that at this point than risk injury to AD or Smith or anyone else for that matter (Except maybe Rodgers)
    I mean seriously, whyare we still putting passing plays in for Webb? Guy can’t throw with any accuracy, why let him?

  6. I swear these Vikings qb’s are blind in one eye and cant see out of the other geez

  7. What exactly are you saying Big Johnny? All Viking QB’s are blind one eyed monsters?

  8. I’m alittle disappointed in our halftime adjustments, to say the least. It was glaringly apparent Webb couldn’t pass, so why not just run the freaking ball, mix in some Webb bootlegs, at least make the game fun with the added possiblily of surprising GB? Maybe they were thinking the same as me: The Draft.

  9. At this point, might as well let Fred Evans run the ball, ’cause he’s the only reliable scorer the Vikings have right now. Just ask Big Johnnys Bigger Sister

    1. We’re not even sureabout Ponder yet Charlie. That whats so frustrating about not seeing him play this game. Hell we may still be without a STARTING QB.

  10. Do not let these pukes score again. Cmon do something offense, show some Damn heart!!!!

  11. To me, its inexcuseable not get a look at MBT. Makes no sense whatsoever to keep Webb in there.

  12. Being one-dimensional has finally caught up to this offense…just wish it was not against the pack…

    1. Wow Charlie, are you a masochist? Oh wait ……. you’re a Vikings fan ………. nevermind

      1. You mean the MEANINGLESS game we played to win when winning would cost us the #1 draft pick and AD tore his ACL and MCL? Is that the game you’re talking about? Yeah, that’s heavily on my mind right now. That play a while ago with Harrison Smith scared the crap out of me.
        Oh wait TD! We’re making a comeback. . . yaeah right.

    1. That’s some funny shit right there Ole. “It ain’t over”
      Busted a gut on that one.

  13. Jenkins lack of hustle on that TD catch and run drove me nuts. A second could make all the difference in the world in a VERY unlikely comeback.

  14. Ok… this one will take some time to digest… BUT the new season starts tomorrow so make sure to check back often. Still a lot to be excited about with this young team, and I am looking forward to covering their improvement over the coming months.

  15. Say your sent to prison for ten years and you can choose your cell mate
    Would it be:

    a. – 2012 winner of the Miss Wisconsin beauty contest
    b. – Big Johnny’s Bigger Sister

  16. The biggest negative about this game is that we didn’t get a chance to see Ponder play in it.
    Now, we go into the draft still not sure if we have a QB or not. If Ponder could have played this game and won, we could concentrate on WR, DT and our secondary. We probably still will, but theres still the chance we need a QB.

  17. Frans, Ponder is your starter next year. Denzel would never start anyone at this point, except young Chris Ponder.

    They will draft a QB at some point, but it won’t be early!

    1. Scary but you’re right. Especially not knowing a thing about MBT. At least we can close the book on Webb

  18. Adam, thanks again for all your hard work this season. And you’re right, we have a lot to look forward to next year.

  19. It’s was a good year. Much better than Freds thought.

    AK & Brett. Thank you !!

  20. other than the loss, it hurt us to not get ponder some playoff experience and evaluation, but he’s the starter at this point and joe needs to go

  21. Leading receivers for tonight: Greg Jennings (GB), Lambeau Turf (MIN)
    Saw on another site, made me laugh

  22. Terrible game. Looking forward to next season, this team is on the rise. Spielman and Frazier did a great job this year. We have some good young talent. Just wish it wasn’t 8 months away.

  23. To all those Webb lovers that were calling for Webb to start after the Green Bay loss. I’m glad the Vikings stuck with Ponder. There is now way the Vikings would have made the playoffs with Webb.

    1. Webb seems to be a pretty good dude and shows alot of spirit even when holding the clipboard, very fast but just not an NFL caliber qb. Not a dig on him because there just arent that many guys who can play the position

      1. Johnny,
        He is nice just like Tarvaris, Tarvaris was average as a Backup, Jumpin Joe? Never mind you saw it…

  24. On a bright side, We didn’t lose anyone last night,
    I coughed up a fur ball When Harrison Smith went down holding his leg!

  25. “You’ve got to realize how tough of a situation (Webb) kind of walked into there,” Greenway said.

    “Christian plays this whole season and probably plays his best ballgame last week. Just watching him progress through the week — he was frustrated. Very frustrating for him. You put yourself in this position to go play in a playoff game. I feel bad for the guy.

    “Of course, for us, as a team, we wanted to be at full strength. Not saying that Joe takes anything away from that. It’s just the experience factor and the reps this season. It’s certainly unfortunate that we couldn’t put our best foot forward.” From Pelissero.

    Agree with Greenway. However, can’t help but wonder why they decided to go away from the option read, and the things they were doing on the 1st drive. Just one of many things that contributed to the loss.

    1. musgrave has invited criticism after last night when he had done a better job leading up to last night – dumb azz

      1. Ok, I’ll try and recover from the loss and get back to writing at some point tonight, but here is a question to chew on in the meantime:

        Musgrave is one of the few surviving NFL coordinators that utilizes a fullback, and obviously he did it well. If he goes, is Felton still worth re-signing to Pro Bowler money regardless, or should it depend on who Musgrave’s replacement is?

        1. I am not sure it would be wise to fire Musgrave at this point. I don’t care for some of his play calling…but to change up at this point in Ponder’s career?

        2. That is a valid concern, CC… I tend to lean towards Ponders career thus far, however, being further justification for a change being made.

        3. I dont see Denzel giving Muskrat his pink slip just yet. He’ll just point to the fact of the success of the running game and vow to get Ponder some better recievers. As to Felton, he’s definately earned a new contract. If Muskrat does get sacked I still think they keep Felton. After suffering through Tahi for those years I’d say if you have a stud FB try and keep him.

          1. i agree, johnny, doubt they’ll change any top coaches, so, imo, they’ll want to keep felton, which is ok because it worked better, and AD likes him, and then see where our progress can get us next season

  26. I’m real disappointed in Musgrave. Haven’t been overly impressed with him all season. The last two regular season games were well called, as far as a good game plan. But after last night, I’m back to thinking he isn’t the answer.
    I mean why in the world did he decide to try to turn Webb into a pocket passer after the first series, when we had Green Bay out of sorts with Webb and AD running the ball down their throats?
    It was clear after the next 3 series it wasn’t going to work. Over thrown, under thrown, upwards thrown (Remember THAT?) Clearly, Webb isn’t an NFL football player. He’s an athlete. Maybe we can trade him to the 2016 Olympic team. He’d make a good high hurdler, maybe long jumper, but he ain’t no NFLer. He was drafted as a WR turned into a QB (Thanks again Childo) and has been on our roster now for 3 years, doing nothing. Why the hell did we still have him on the roster? He can’t catch, can’t throw. Shame on our FO for not having a decent backup QB on the roster.
    I wish I had penned this, but I read it on another site;
    “Webb is getting worse; he’s now starting to overthrow his interceptions”
    That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.
    I like Frazier more than I did at the start of the season but still not convinced he can take us all the way. Same with Ponder.
    Musgrave must go, especially after seeing what he did last night. Keep Felton in front of AD, no matter who we replace Musgrave with.
    On the other hand, I’m extremely happy with our season. We had one of our best drafts in years, finished the regular season 10-6 and have only to draft well and use FA wisely to compete next year for the division title.
    Here’s to a good draft and FA!

    1. Fran, I’m just as shocked as you are that Childo couldnt take that piece of Webb clay or Tjack clay for that matter and mold them into NFL caliber qb’s. I wonder who made the final decision to keep Webb as #2 qb?

      1. Johnny, I’m afraid we’re still not done suffering thru Childos era. Guy really stole a couple of years from us.
        The biggest bummer of this whole game last night was not being able to see Ponde play in it. Although his two last games were decent enough, especially the Green Bay game, it’s still not a lock he’s our guy. We need to either draft or bring someone in this off season to compete with him for the starting job. Had he have played yesterday and played well, I would be a lot more confident in his chances of becoming our starter for the next 10 years.
        No idea who decided to keep Webb as our #2, whoever it was, obviously should be fired

        1. fran, ponder will get another year, or at least the start to next year, ricky and les have both indicated this. i’d hate to see ponder turn out to be good after we let him go, and he needs some WRs in all fairness, besides, this year isn’t a good one to draft a qb. get rid of roster-spot-black-hole-joe, tho, let’s see if mbt can develop behind ponder

          1. My only problem with Ponder is that other than that 65 yard bomb to Wright in the Packer game, it was the only accurate long ball I saw him throw all season. If it was Musgrave holding him back and he really does have an accurate long ball, then shame on Musgrave. And I sure realize the lack of WR’s for Ponder but I just saw SO MUCH inaccuracy out of him all season to scare me about next year.

    2. i’m not very impressed with musgrave either and wouldn’t care if he was replaced with somebody better, but he prolly saved his job late in the season. the thing about keeping him is the continuity factor, and maybe he’ll get better like a learning curve type of thing

      it’s also nice that we’re not talking about needing to replace the d coaches

      1. You’re probably right Cal, just the continuity factor most likely saves his job, unfortunately.

  27. Well, let’s look at the facts. JJ Jumpin’ Joe Webb led his team to 10 points against the Packer last night right? Andy Luck lead his team to 9 points against the Ravens today right?

    Need your old pal say more? One can make the case that 10 is better than 9 (I checked with Mrs, Freds, she concurs).

    Now all you negative Nellie’s can say whatever you want about Webb…but.. ah hell, Freds can’t even continue with this…. Webb bites.

    1. you realize you just compared the ravens d to the phackers d?
      step away from the bar, freds

  28. I think we are putting a lot of emphasis on one focused point of the season, last night’s loss to the Packers. Musgrave improved this offense this year, and we will be better with another year of experience and some anticipated improvement at the WR position. One thing was very evident on the other side of the ball last night – when the Packers are healthy, they are that much better, and may very well go all the way. This wasn’t the same team we played even one week earlier. Woodson and Cobb made both units much more effective.

    I think johnny is onto something – it should have been Rosenfels rather than Webb last night, and that is probably due to Leslie’s temptation that Webb could have yet been a viable option this season. If nothing else, I am afraid Joe played his way off our team last night. You just can’t pass that poorly and play in this league.

    Schaub over Dalton, Rodgers over Webb, Flaaco over Luck… veteran QB play is critical in the playoffs, although I will always believe that Ponder would have given us a real good chance to win that game last night. Two weeks from now, it is very likely that the final four QB’s will be Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Ryan.

    1. Coach, I think it is more than just last night that Sage could’ve helped, I can’t help but think Sage could have helped Ponder through the whole year. Webb or MBT didnt have anything to offer as far as helping Ponder. I remember when the final cuts were made and I had to tell my Dad that they didn;t keep Sage, he went on an epic rant about not having a veteran qb on the team and how that would bite them in the ass. I couldn’t argue with his assessment then or now. I’ve learned with age comes wisdom, so true.

      1. That makes some sense, johnny. It was almost as though Denzel still had some thoughts of Webb as the number one some day, or maybe to develop the Wildcat package. I agree that I thought Sage would be the back-up.

    2. Bud,
      Really hope we can get a Vet QB on the roster is coming year, Don’t know who will be available.
      Just don’t want to be in this spot next year.
      Continuity for another year will go along ways… With Percy back, FA or Draft help,WR position should be much better.
      Ps: Harrison Smith was fun to watch last night 🙂

      1. I really like Smith, too, Charlie. Seems to give the whole defense a bit more attitude, and he always seems to be near the ball, pass or run. You can’t teach that. I loved the quote last night from AD, “Yeah, that Smith, he’s got some serious dog in him.” Perfect line.

  29. Now we’re comparing Joe Webb to Andrew Luck? This Webb bashing is going a bit far. The TEAM lost the game, that includes the coaches and all the players. Along with the refs for not calling holding penalties!
    Webb had a terrible game, kind of like Ponder did in Lambeau a few weeks back. Ponder bounced back, with a lot of help from the D and AD. We won’t get to see if Webb could do the same. And if you guys that said you knew all along that he would never be good want to puff out your chest and call that out. Well then, have fun with it.
    It was a tough situation for him to be put in, and he didn’t get much help from the coaches. But lets put the blame where it belongs, the whole damn team.

    1. It was a team effort for sure, Both side of the ball and Special teams to boot…
      Tough situation for him to be in.

      1. Charles –

        The Colts lost too? Bad weekend at the Purple Charles household, huh?

        1. Yeah,
          I told her the Colts will only get better
          Luck was alot easier to watch Freds

          1. You tell your lovely bride, Luck would look better in Purple. Though, we’ll never know.

            1. She said, I don’t think so, His colors are just great!
              PS: I’m with you Freds…

    2. Carters,

      All losses are team losses. Freds doesn’t blame Webb one bit. The idea that this organization went into the year with Joe Webb as the number 2 is a joke. It’s not Joe’s fault. He’s never been a NFL QB, hell, it’s been 3 years, he’s just not good. The fact that Rick and Denzel accepted him as a back up is crazy. 3 years is enough time… he is less able than most. Enough is enough.

      Joe is a good guy, he’s handsome, people like him and he’s a hell of an athlete and can jump a shit load of blue mats. It is a team loss and a front office screw up.

      Just having fun Carters….. as always. It was a great year. Believe it or not!

      1. Well Freds, just seems like a lot of people give Ponder excuses when he sucks….coaching, O-line, receivers, scheme, game plan, opponent was better, blah, blah.
        Webb has a bad game, and that’s it, he sucks, cut him now….
        You say 3 years, but how many starts? Anybody who’s played any real sports knows practice and game time are nowhere near the same. Maybe they shoulda cut Ponder after his lambeau suckfest? I mean dude had 20 something starts, he just ain’t good.

        All good tho Freds, I’m not saying he should be starting and maybe he shouldn’t even be 2nd. But there were plenty saying the same about Ponder a few weeks ago. You throw a guy out there with no game time all year, and then go away from what he does best? Not to mention it’s on the road in the playoffs, with sucky receivers that he has practically no repetitions with….What did anyone expect? Luck?

  30. A lot of huge personnel decision for Frazier and Speilman, that’s for sure? Give Simpson another shot? Carlson, Harvin (sell or play tough), Williams, Henderson, Etc…
    Another draft like last year and we could be decent again. Actually signing meaningful FAs as well could make us dangerous.

  31. Yep Charlie, kind of hard to dance with a bum knee. Coaches said he was healthy enough to play…Nothing wrong with his arm tho, maybe he just ain’t that good.