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Links Of The Week: First Wave Of Free Agency Is Over

Well, the first wave of free agency has come and gone, and there were some fireworks involving our favorite team.  Percy Harvin was traded, Antoine Winfield was released, Greg Jennings and Matt Cassel were signed, and a lot of Vikings were retained.  Now it is time to put a nice exclamation point on this first wave as we wade closer into the second, and else edge towards the Draft.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. so, twin city locals, did the geek weatherman get the axe after that?

    i think we have a decent chance to get winfield back. sure hope so

    1. Sorry if this ruins it for you but watch it again and listen carefully; he says, “Gonna get 69 sacks.”

  2. That weatherman is my hero. Zen, indeed.

    Here’s a joke for your ladies: Women are good for 70 things…making me a sandwich and 69.

    I really don’t get it myself, but Coach told it to me, and he thought it was hilarious.

      1. LOL…I figured he’d come on sputtering and hollerin’ about what a turd I am or something.

        He must’ve been too busy sputtering and hollerin’ at his neighborhood punks.

  3. Jared Allen weather forecast: Cloudy with a 90% chance of pain.

    I’ve always heard that Rob Brzezinski is a cap wizard. Well, with only about 5 mil left he needs to do his thing…Vikes need Winfield back, have a crap load of draft picks to sign. And if he can squeeze out another 2 mil we could also get Urlacher for a year. Hey, it would almost guarantee a sweep of the Bears.

  4. I have said it before… Erin Henderson in the middle make sense.
    We could then draft a weakside linebacker like Khaseem Greene or Sio Moore in the late 2nd round.

    #23 – (DT) Sheldon Richards, Sylvester Williams, Johnathan Hankins or Kawann Short
    #25 – (WR) DeAundre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Robert Woods or Justin Hunter
    #52- (LB) Manti Te’o, Arthur Brown, Ogletree, Khaseem Greene or Sio Moore
    #83- (CB) I think 1 of these 4 corners will still be available… David Amerson, Darius Slay, Tyrann Mathieu or Blidi Wreh-Wilson.
    #102 – I like the idea of drafting a 3rd down back… I am hoping Joseph Randle, Andre Ellington or Marcus Lattimore fall to the Vikings here… Kerwynn Williams and Kenjon Barner could also make sense here because they are soooo dangerous as returners.
    #120 – (OL) A big guard who excells in run blocking would be good here… Alvin Bailey or a tackle who could move inside like Oday Aboushi or Ricky Wagner

    I can’t wait to see what the Vikings do in the first 4 rounds… I think this draft class has solid depth to fill some holes.

    1. I like it other than 2nd round lb(unless Ogletree is still there) and your Dt list isn’t right… Short is way too high and Jesse Williams should be ahead of Hankins and Sylvester WIlliams. I like all the CB’s listed Amerson, Slay, and Mathieu all interest me.
      102 is WAY too high for a 3rd down back, WAY too high. Id like Bacarri Rambo right here or else a slipping WR due to the depth(especially Ryan Swope, Quinton Patton, Da’Rick Rogers, Kenny Stills, and maybe even Marquess Wilson)
      at 120 I am keeping my eye on a few players like AJ Klein, Marcus Lattimore(due to potential not need), Developmental QB(Bray/Jones/Glennon/Scott ect… if any fall)

      1. skol- you are right about adding Jesse Williams to the list… I am just a homer for Kawann Short because I went to Purdue.

        Yes, I would love Baccarri Rambo at 102… Even safeties like TJ McDonald or Robert Lester would work.

        I really think the Vikings will go after a quality returner… 120 would be ok for Kerwynn Williams or Kenjon Barner… I think a great pass catch RB is needed now that we don’t have Percy.

        I really can’t see the Vikings drafting a QB like Glennon,Bray, Landry or Scott….
        The Vikings have a lot of late round picks so anything can happen… I just don’t see them falling that far.

        I like your thoughts about taking a safety in the 4th round!! Thanks…

        I am fired up about this draft class… And my boy, Kawann Short, is ranked #33 on Rob Rang’s big board… Don’t rule him out, I think he might be more of a playmaker than Jesse William.

        1. Short will record better stats in the NFL than Jesse Williams that’s for sure but I like Jesse because he reminds me so much of Fat Pat who will ruin the inside run game and let the other 3 have 1-1’s to get to the qb.
          We could use a receiving back I totally agree but there’s no difference between a 7th round rb and a 2nd.. There isn’t a position that’s better to wait on than rb, half the starters in the NFL were udfa or last round picks it seems.

          For the first time in years i think or OL is serviceable(I’d say good if we didn’t have Charlie Johnson) so we can really focus on weaknesses.

          1. Jesse is a big boy… I think you are correct that he frees things up so others can make plays. My question is, do the Vikings have young playmakers to put around him??
            A young playmaker at middle lineback to go along with Jesse would be a step forward.

            1. The only lb in the first few rounds i like is Ogletree, after that probably Kline out of ISU so slim pickings in my opinion.

  5. Because Erin Henderson is versitle, and because I have hope Winfield will be resigned… I see the Vikings going DT and WR with the first 2 picks.

    Might move back or forward with of those picks to make it work. I see the Vikings going up to get Sheldon Richardson! They have a lot of late round picks this year, plus the extra 3rd round pick next year that we got in the Percy trade. Sheldon is worth going up to get.

  6. Thing that frustrates me, is why the Vikings haven’t redone Jarred Allen’s and Kevin William’s contracts. Both of them are WAY being over paid this year. There would be some huge cap savings by redoing those 2 contracts. And nobody is talking about it. No way Kevin Williams is worth his cap hit this year. Neithe is Jarred Allen worth his cap hit.

  7. waiting for that headline about winfield coming back, where is it?

    and as for our late round draft picks, i think we have three 7ths, maybe we can use them to move up a spot or two, but those are like the lottery, good luck. gotta make the early picks good ones, cuz ya can’t count on the later ones working out. eleven picks isn’t that impressive when several of them are low