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Draft Target: Arthur Brown

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One of the most popular names being connected, by fans and analysts, to the Vikings middle linebacker vacancy has been Kansas State prospect Arthur brown.  Brown was a standout in the Scouting Combine interviews and he weighed in at 6′ 0″ and 241 pounds, an increase of bulk from his college listing, which was nice to see considering he still ran the forty at about 4.6 seconds at his pro day.

The biggest knock against Brown is that he lacks the ideal size for a middle linebacker of a 4-3 team where he will be asked to cover taller tight ends down the field and some, like me, worry that he would be forced to take on the weakside outside role rather than be a solution in the middle.

If any guy in this Draft has the skills to overcome measureable issues, however, it is probably Brown.

He plays the game with very good instincts and seems to be a very intelligent player-coach on the field, meaning that both his leadership ability and knack for reading defenses made him more valuable to Kansas State than most linebackers in college.  He is a sound tackler and shows excellent gap discipline against the run.

Brown may not have the elite type of speed Combine fanatics line up to see, but he has the quickness and agility that converts into some of the best range of any linebacker in this class.  He is the type of guy you trust to cover a runner out of the backfield sideline-to-sideline, but could still get burned down the seam by tight ends.

Brown started out playing for Miami where he barely saw any action in two years.  He then went to Kansas State with his brother, Bryce, to play for head coach Bill Snyder.  He redshirted for a year at his new school, but before the next season even started he was named a captain on defense, and became the best defender on the team.  Outside of his shoulder injury that kept him out of the Senior Bowl and Combine, Brown proved to be fairly durable, and there really are no red flags on either this prospect’s health or character at all.  The 21 bench press reps he produced at his Pro Day should be a reasonable indicator that the shoulder is no longer an issue.

In 2011, Brown notched 101 tackles, 9.5 of which were for a loss, and made one of the biggest plays of the year when he ended RGIII’s non-interception streak.  In 2012, he had 100 tackles, seven for a loss, one sack, four defended passes, and two interceptions.

Brown possesses all of the attributes, other than size, you want to see from a middle linebacker prospect and has the production on his resume to back it up.  I personally have Brown just shy of a first round grade, and worry that he will not be a three down player, but enough other people that I respect would scoff at that statement that I am willing to concede that I might be wrong.

What I do know is, if the Vikings select him in a couple of weeks, he will be an upgrade to this group of linebackers no matter where the coaches decide to stick him.  His range and quickness would be a welcomed addition to this defense, especially as they prepare to play about 10 games against mobile quarterbacks in 2013, where this defense obviously needs help.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Here is a mock that has Sheriff Folyd falling to the Vikings at pick 23 and Arthur Brown at 25. Quinton Patton at 52 and David Amerson at 81.

    That would make a pretty sweet draft.

    Adam, you worry that he will be forced to play OLB… but that versatility is what gives him a slight advantage over Te’o. In nickel coverage Te’o might be forced to come off the field??? In nickel coverage with A Brown, worst case is Erin Henderson and Brown flip flop.

    I would take Te’o or Brown at pick 25. I feel pretty good about both of those guys.

    1. I guess that’s the difference in our assesment. I think Te’o will match up better against TE’s, and will not be a two down Mike. Brown could certainly move around if the coaches are creative enough, which they have shown a willingness to do with Erin.

      1. The Vikings are in nickel a lot, so if we spend a first round pick on a linebacker he better be able to give Greenway and Henderson some help.

        Yes, Te’o might be able to cover a TE better up the seems because he is bigger… I will give you that… but I think A Brown plays fast and physical and could help us in pass coverage also.

        I just happen to like the idea Brown can play inside or outside.

          1. Brown ran a 4.67 at his pro day… I would not say that his time is a lot faster than Te’os 4.71 at his pro day.

            Both guys play fast and have good lateral quickness from sideline to sideline. I would take a football player with good instinct that plays fast on tape over an athletic guy that can run on the track but has little production on the football field.

            I just hope the Vikings don’t try to trade up over the Bears to land one of these guys.

  2. In the season finale against Greenbay… Henderson played 64 snaps to Brinkleys 14. The Vikings were in base defense for 10 plays. In my opinion, A Brown would be able to give Henderson a little more help/ time off than Brinkley did… Henderson is not that great in coverage anyway. Greg Jennings beat him on a 5 yard TD in the 3rd quarter when he missed his assignment.

    I think Te’o and A Brown could help the Vikings in nickel more than Brinkley did… they are both smart instinctive playmakers that could probably make more plays than Henderson.

    Greenway is good in coverage but he is getting older and is not as fast as he once was… A guy like Brown could even give Greenway a break from time to time in the nickel.

    I like Brown’s versatility… I think he plays fast and hits hard.

    Our nickel is so bad, I can’t see Brown being a liability.

  3. Saw the game changer thing on Te’o last night. Thought he did ok, He seems like he could become a good pro…But, still…C’mon man, he said he had no regrets. BS.

  4. Carters,

    Just because Te’o has a hotter imaginary girl friend than your imaginary girl friend, doesn’t mean you have to be a hater. If you imagine he will be a good pro wearing purple, you too will have no regrets.

    Your welcome.

    1. Thank you Freds. I’m not allowed to have an imaginary girlfriend, Mrs.Carter said….No!

  5. Seattle is close to a deal with Antoine Winfield… Ya know what Seattle go *bleep* yourselves, building a team off our sloppy seconds.