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Introducing the VT Vikings Tweet GRIDiron

Vikings Territory Tweet GRIDiron

When Adam and I set out to completely redesign Vikings Territory, one of my personal goals was to bring it up to date with a lot of the technologies out there today – specifically social media. While I know some of you are hesitant to buy in, so to speak, into “that Twitter thing,” its importance in today’s society can’t be denied. Furthermore, the role it plays in sports is something that I felt we could kind of harbor here to bring you guys the most up to date news about our Vikings.

One of the most direct ways to find out what is going on with the team is to go directly to the source… the team itself. I’ve been following most of the Vikings players on Twitter for a while. While I would see something that Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, etc… would ‘tweet’ occasionally, there was really no place to see what all of the Vikings were saying at once in one, neatly organized way. Enter the “Vikings Territory Tweet GRIDiron.”

What we’ve done for you all is put together a page where you can go to see the three most recent tweets of every Vikings player (that is currently on Twitter). While, most of the time, there really isn’t anything incredibly informative the guys are saying, it can be entertaining. For example, I used the Tweet GRIDiron last night and noticed that our favorite wide receiver, Percy Harvin, was enjoying some moonshine for the first time. You could also see that most of the guys were watching the divisional playoffs and get their inside perspective of the games. Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph both admired the importance of the tight ends in the New England/Denver game while Kluwe choose to mess with Tim Tebow instead.

So, go on over and check it out. You can click this link, or you can just click the [fancy!] image above.

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. Brett, Your comment, “that Twitter thing,” its importance in today’s society can’t be denied.

    Please list for your old pal the 5 reasons why Twitter is “important” in today’s society.

    Twitter’s importants can be denied in fact…watch this…Freds denies the importance of twitter.

    There you go…. your up! Start listing homie.

  2. Can you list one reason? Just one….. come on….it’s THAT important!

    Well, Freds will give you the ” Cheech is drinking moonshine” one…..others? Come on. It can’t be denied!!!!

  3. I gave you one reason. It’s played a major role in the culture of this country. It’s played a major role in technology. It’s played a major role in politics. It’s played a major role in businesses and marketing. How can you not see the humongous role social networking plays?

    I don’t want to debate this here though… If you want, you can take it over to a topic in the general section of the forums – I’ll meet you there! 🙂

  4. Perhaps your right. Freds has done a review of recent Twitter blasts. Here is a few to illustrate your point of importants:

    @Bjohnny….. “I like bacon”
    @MrsWarwas…. ” If I see one more snow flake, I’m going to split my husband’s head open like a mellon for bringing me up to this hell hole.
    @ Coach Buds…”zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
    @ Frans…… ” I wonder what Kelli Rippa is wearing?”
    @ Gunslinger…… If I ever see that bastard Ole, I will audit his taxes and arrest him for gun possession”

    Maybe you’re right. Very important stuff!

    1. thanks for the heads up there Freds. Adam, does this mean I have to “follow” Gunslinger on twitter?
      I’d rather follow Jennifer Aniston up the stairs

      1. Agreed on the up the stairs…

        … but I could have sworn Jeff Dugan invented Twitter?

  5. Freds, Freds Freds… you and I will probably agree over our dislike for social media. I hate it, as Brett has found out working with me, and refuse to use it in my personal life.

    I have to side with Brett, though. There is no denying the profound impact (for better or worse) social media has had on the world we live in. Organized revolutions have been started. Major deals are being brokered. Billions of dollars are exchanging hands. The dictionary itself has had to adapt.

    I don’t tweet. I don’t text. I don’t have a smart phone, I guess I have a dumb one. I live in a technologically challenged part of the country.

    Yet, as jaded as I am towards it, I can’t deny the importance social media has on our society today. I’m willing to bet more people in this country have Facebook accounts than there are people that know what July 4th is celebrated for.

    Quoting the NY times, tough, Brett? Couldn’t find a credible source 😉

  6. AK –

    Freds comments were on twitter, not on the use of the internet for communication. Please, let’s not confuse the use of Facebook as important because a bunch of fat lazy people sign up for this technology. It’s a me centered technology that is used often ,but rarely for important reasons. Why in the hell would anyone sign up to follow an athlete is beyond Fred. Take a look at the examples Brett sites, really a waste of time and the only thing learned from the sports twitter is that these athletes are self centered idiots.

    Open a book, read about history, I think this can also be done on the internet. Wait! Another incoming twitter from @BJohnny…. “If I ever see Freds, I will punch him right in the mouth”.

    1. And Brett’s comments were not on Twitter alone, but on social media as a whole.

    2. Not even going to bother replying to this. Glad you appreciate the work we’ve done. Thanks for being a frequent visitor.

      1. Hey Brett it’s really nothing personal and I’m glad you set the twitter thing up it’s really cutting edge. Some of us are twice your age and kinda set in our ways is all. My kids get pissed at me all the time cause I dont just jump head first into all the new technologies.

  7. Brett,

    Just an aside. Please don’t take Freds comments as a personal shot. I appreciate your work on the site, you’ve done a good job and I appreciate it.

  8. I guess you can put me in the “I dont give a shit about twitter or facebook crowd”. I can see how some folks would get off on it but I think I’d get more pleasure out of pissing on an electric fence. How’s that for a little rant Freds?

  9. Adam and Brett
    Thanks for the great site. A wonderful place for Viking’s fans to rant, rave and tease each other.

    I agree with Freds and to amend his point. If you read some of the stuff these guys post on Twitter, it’s nothing but a bunch of self serving gibberish. Seldom does someone post a profound concept. The only, for lack of a better term, advantage, that Twitter has over other media is that it is instantaneous. For that reason, it serves a purpose. Twitter content lacks quality and is not vetted. But it is the world we live in. Just ask former congressman Anthony Weiner.

    On the other hand, keep the Twitter thingy going. If, for no other reason, that there will be a dry spell of Vikings related news. At least we might be able to track the volume of Jasper Brinkely’s bowel movements during the off season.

    One last thing
    Giants 37
    packers 20

    15-2 ……………… this offseason is lookin’ promising

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Ole. And glad we have your blessing to “keep the Twitter thingy going.” Had you wanted it taken down, I don’t know what I would have done with myself… 🙂

      1. “God Bless the NY Giants!”

        Fran, now THAT is a quote certain to come back and bite you 🙂

  10. While a lot of the time the guys are just saying stupid random things or holding conversations with people, there have been quite a few times where I have found the things they have to say pretty cool, touching, or interesting. Examples?

    They frequently will say things about good causes… fund raisers, prayers for fans that are dealing with illnesses, give shout outs to fans… kids…

    They’ll talk about their view of things football related… things with the team… things happening in the NFL. Don’t you think it will be cool to see what some of the other players are saying come draft day? I remember specifically watching what Shiancoe had to say last year when we took Rudolph.

    Ole, you’re right. One of the great things about Twitter is it is instantaneous… That’s not the only thing though, in my opinion. One of the main things that makes Twitter so great is that is accessible to anyone all over the world. It gives people an opportunity to connect (network) with people they would have never been able to before. It allows a 12 year old in Europe to say something to Adrian Peterson and have him respond back. I’ve had both Bryand McKinnie and Bernard Berrian respond to something I’ve said to them… (although, it wasn’t particularly positive 🙂 )

    You guys refuse to even give these things a chance yet you talk about them like you know what they’re about. Sure there are tons of stupid people that use things like Twitter and Facebook for essentially nothing… But there are also tons of great things they are used for that you guys are just turning away from. For example, I’ve gained exposure for my business and connected with colleagues through Twitter which has led to client leads for my company.

    I’m not really offended that you guys don’t care for the new addition to the site… honestly, I was expecting it. You old folks are too set in your ways to try new things. I’m surprised you all have even made it from your walkers to the computer keyboards to leave these comments. 🙂 (Please don’t take Brett’s comments as a personal shot. Brett really appreciates you all being readers of the site.)

    1. Young and smug huh? Guess I’ll grab my walker and head to bed. And btw Brett you can kiss my country a$$.

      1. Sorry if you took that the wrong way Johnny… Was really just poking fun at you guys. I was kind of hurt a little at how poorly it was received despite the fact that I knew this particular group wouldn’t care for it much. I’m new to this whole blogging thing. Adam is helping me to grow thicker skin and not let stuff get to me. Didn’t mean for anyone to get offended personally – sorry.

  11. See, now THAT is the angry Brett, Fragile loves. Freds doubts anyone one was offended.

    “I’ve gained exposure for my business and connected with colleagues through Twitter which has led to client leads for my company.” This is the kind of crap that is spewed regarding Twitter. Brett, when you start generating profits, cash money then twitter is working. Leads? Screw the leads, Freds bank won’t let him deposit leads. Show me something. Show me the money! Leads my ass, it’s all noise until you help the company with profit.

    Freds is really concerned about BJohnny urinating on electric fences.

  12. Im offended. If I could only have understood Twits at the last draft, I could have told EVERYONE what I thought about the Vikes first pick. It might have lit an immediate fire under Ponder and we could have avoided the whole McNabb incident……

    1. LeCount, I really hope you’ll be joining us for live chat again this year. You were way too entertaining during last year’s Draft 🙂 (I already applied for the time off at my job)

        1. Right around beer-thirty… a.m. 🙂

          I’m actually not sure… each day has a different start time if recall correctly. Round 1 is on a thursday, and I believe that starts a little later in the day, like 6:00 p.m. Minnesota time or something.

  13. I’ve read this whole exchange through and through and it got me thinking. . .
    I wonder what Kelli Rippa IS wearing right now.
    Think I’ll tweet her.

      1. Nope, not one-tracked at all. Like right now for instance, I’m thinking about Nachos (And if kelly ever eats them in the nude. . .)