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Adrian Peterson Arrested

Just a couple days ago, Adam and I were discussing the lack of any substantial Vikings news lately. I reminded him that sometimes, during this slow part of the offseason, “no news is good news.” He agreed and we pretty much dropped the subject.

Well, folks, unfortunately I have some major offseason news this morning: Adrian Peterson has been arrested.

Jerome Solomon, a columnist for the Houston Chronicle broke the news via Twitter earlier this morning.

According to Mike Florio, of Pro Football Talk, Adrian Peterson was with his girlfriend and some family members at a Houston nightclub late last night/this morning. Police, for unknown reasons at this point, entered the club at its closing hours and began instructing people to leave. Adrian Peterson attempted to get some water before he left the club and Peterson was again instructed that he needed to leave. He then supposedly walked to the exit with a couple of the club’s bouncers. Then, according to Florio and a ‘source’, “It’s believed that one of the officers then jumped on Peterson’s back from behind and tried to take him down. (Key word: “tried.”) Other officers then joined the fray and completed the arrest.”

At this point, there really aren’t any other details of the incident but it is believed that is was captured on video by multiple subjects. (When these videos become public you can be sure we’ll share them here.)

As of right now, it is believed that Adrian Peterson is still in jail with bail set at $1,000.

While this isn’t the first time AP has had  a run-in with the law (with other various traffic violations), in my opinion, something seems a little fishy here. While I’m sure more details will become available soon, I’m not sure why an officer “jumped on Peterson’s back.” Either way, probably wasn’t a very good idea for the cop to try and tackle a football player who is known for not being tackled…

Well, I guess we got our big piece of offseason drama. Wouldn’t be a Vikings offseason without some, now would it?

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  1. When will football players learn just do what the cop says. AP should have been smarter than to be at a club and argue with police over a stupid water.

  2. Who the hell cares about Adrian? Your old pal Fragile is concerned about Adam and Frans going out for a wilderness adventure. This is just a sample of what happened the last time these two kooks took a guys weekend away. Frans is NOT a good influence.

    1. Like I have often heard people say, Freds, “Where’s a deer hunter when you need one?”

  3. From what I read 3 cops were able to take him down, kinda impressive being that it usually takes more than 3 NFL players to take him down.

  4. AP seems like a pretty good kid, but I’ve never met him. But I know a girl who used to tape his ankles up when he played at OU. She told me he was “kind of an ass”.

  5. I’m assuming some type of restraining device (handcuffs) were used to haul Adrian to the pokey.

    Wonder if he wants to re-think that “NFL Players Are Slaves” comment. What a Mute Donkey!