Wilfs Continue To Play Nice

I’m not about to gush over the perceived kindness of a very, very, very rich family and the patience they are showing in their quest for public funds to be spent on a new stadium which houses their football team and maximizes their profits.

Still, it is impressive that Wednesday represents what could have been such a crucial date in this ongoing stadium fiasco, and yet the Vikings are at least putting forth the appearance that they are willing to take the high road.

February 15th represents the Vikings deadline for notifying the NFL that they would like to explore relocation options.  The date is expected to come and go with very little drama.  Instead of raising the stress level, they seem content to put their focus on continued progress revolving around Minnesota-based solutions.

P.R. guru for the team, Lester Bagley, stated on Tuesday that the Vikings will not request permission to seek relocation.  They will, however, continue to push for a financing package to be settled on during this legislative session.

Bagley said that the team hopes to have a financing plan in front of legislators within the next few days.

“There’s nothing to announce yet,” Bagley said, “but we’re all working hard. I think there’s opportunity and appetite to resolve that this session.”

Just imagine, for a second, how different this article would be had the Wilf family requested permission from the NFL to explore relocation options.

That’s an article I hope to never write.