Okay, So Where Do We Go From Here?

So, now that the House passed the Vikings stadium bill with a 105 million twists thrown in, what happens next?

As on most stadium issues, I have immediately sought out the facts from my favorite source on all stadium-related issues, Kevin Seifert at ESPN.

So, here are the steps that remain:

  • The bill will move on the Minnesota Senate on Tuesday.  There will likely be another long day of debate, and it is possible that items are added or deleted to the bill, including the $105 million portion that the House tossed at the feet of the Vikings on Monday.  These changes are referred to as “amendments.”
  • If the Senate fails to pass any version of the stadium bill then it is likely dead in the water.
  • If the Senate does pass some sort of version of the bill, which will likely differ from the House version, then it will move on to a House-Senate conference committee.
  • When the bill gets to the House-Senate conference committee it is their job to reconcile the differences between the two versions of the bill.
  • (Note:  Thanks to the reader that pointed out this missing step.)  The bill then travels back through the House and the Senate.  If it passes both, then it will be presented to the Governor with one single bill.
  • The Governor would then either sign the bill or veto it.  He is widely expected to pass any version of the bill that makes it to his desk.

So, there is still plenty of work to be done, and the Vikings and NFL are going to try their hardest to get rid of the additional $105 million responsibility that the House is trying to impose on them.

And, so, we continue to wait for a final answer.