New “Minnesota Sports Complex” Concept Images

I have to admit, I was probably more excited than most when the three images below were released to the public yesterday. Having a background in architecture, I have a soft spot for beautiful buildings and breathtaking renderings. It’s always been incredibly fascinating to me how realistic these drawings can look. And having slaved over these types of concepts and drawings myself, I definitely respect the hard work and time that goes into making these works of art (they truly are).

New Stadium Fan Promenade

New Stadium Downtown View

New Stadium Night View

In my opinion, the first image of the “fan promenade” is the most intriguing. I can imagine being there on game day and the excitement building as you walk towards the stadium with all the other Vikings fans after having spent the last few hours tailgating. (Although slightly concerned about intoxicated individuals walking so closely to a speeding tram!) And of course, the last image of the stadium at night is great too. These types of renderings tend to suggest a sort of utopian environment. The Vikings just blew out the Packers at home on Monday night and the fireworks go off, stadium roaring. The office down the block gave all of it’s employees the day off but coordinated which office lights to leave on to spell “Go Vikes,” etc… Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. One of the purposes of these types of renderings is to create buzz and increase excitement. A billion dollars is a lot. Especially when you can’t visualize what the end product will be.

I can assure you that the parties in charge released these pictures at a specifically chosen time to ignite the fan base and give the stadium that last little push it needs to get over the hill.

I don’t know about you guys, but it worked on me. The images have me pumped up!

What about you all?