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This Is Getting Silly

You think the Vikings search for a Defensive Coordinator is a tired and boring storyline to follow?

Just remember how long you have been hearing about the stadium battle.

Governor Mark Dayton called for all final proposals to be submitted by this week’s deadline and the finally tally is in.  The governor received nine, yes nine, proposals to solve the team’s stadium woes.

Some of them are doozies.

Charles Hollom (pictured here with Al Franken) offered to pay the entire $1 billion cost of a stadium if it is built on the University of Minnesota farm school, but I’m not sure he know exactly how much a billion dollars is given his constant misuse of commas in his letter to the Governor.  Needless-to-say, Mr. Hollom of The World Desert Reclamation Society provides little detail in his letter and is unlikely to be taken seriously, but he promises more details to be provided in the coming weeks.

Mr. Hollom shouldn’t let his feelings get hurt, however, as there are a few ideas that might be tossed aside even quicker than his generous offer.

Minneapolis architect Robert Roscoe designed a retractable roof stadium that could be built for only $300,000 with all of the materials coming from your local Menard’s hardware store.  In fact, Roscoe’s vision involves an enlarged truck topper on sawhorses with wheels that can be rolled on and off the field of play depending on weather.

“You can make a huge camper stadium cover in the form of a camper top, and put it on sawhorses,” said Roscoe about his idea. “That’s on wheels on rails so you can roll it back and forth depending on the weather.”

It is hard to take Roscoe seriously at all, especially since he refers to iconic Viking heavyweights as “Ziggi Wilf” and “coach Buck Grant” in his letter to the Governor.

Other proposals include the insane idea of building the world’s largest iPOD, a stadium in the parking lot near the Mall of America, a special Vikings promotional card, and an Eagan gaming proposal.

The truth of the matter is there are only two and half proposals that will be taken seriously.  Here they are with links to their official submittals:

Arden Hills



With nine proposals on the table, the clock continues to do nothing but tick.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. What a bunch of political penis pulling. These grandstanding political hacks love the face time and the dance of showing how “inclusive” and serious they take their fiscal responsibility. It’s not just that limp eunuch Mark Dayton, but the whole gang. This deal has been struck for some time. It simply needs leadership. Dayton needs to stop asking for new plans and tell the Viking that it’s being build in Minneapolis. If they don’t like the Minneapolis deal they can go scratch.

    Ziggy, you too might want to show a bit of spine. You couldn’t give a rats ass if it’s built in Arden Hills, Minneapolis, or any other damn place, you just want a new stadium, just say it. All the facts are in, it’s time to tell Dayton he’s got three months to make a decision, or you’re taking the Vikes somewhere else. Put some pressure on the cocktail dress wearing governor. Your approach to getting a stadium looks like you’re playing the ” Tampa 2″, just like that dog ass defensive scheme your football team employs. You’ve allowed the state of Minnesota plenty of time to craft a solution. It’s now time to ask for a final answer.

    Freds can’t wait for the press conference when Ziggy and governor Zoloft announce they have struck a deal and we hear how great an asset the Vikings are to the state of Minnesota and how many jobs building the stadium will create. Seeing these two cross eyed social misfits standing next to each other babbling about what a great partnership they have and how the Vike will be in Minnesota for “the next generation” will be priceless.

    1. it’ll get done one way or another and one place or another, and the next generation will pay for it, but most won’t pay for it at the stadium, only the more elite members of society will be at the games paying the exorbitant attendance prices in the form of parking, tickets, food and beverages. no, the average joe will pay for it at the restaurant, or the 7-11, when he buys beer, or whatever other hidden tax vehicle they choose to foist the cost of stuffing the billionaire’s pockets on the public

      i want a new stadium in MN for our vikes, it’s just too bad that there’s so much competition between cities for teams in this country. the owners make out like bandits at the expense of the stupid public