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Question Of The Week: Have You Given Up?

Prior to this week’s loss in Green Bay, the main topic of conversation for the Minnesota Vikings fan base revolved around second year quarterback Christian Ponder.  His 119 yard performance, with two game changing interceptions, will do little to quiet the doubters moving forward.

Despite having the league’s top running back in Adrian Peterson Ponder and his offense have sunk to the bottom of the NFL in terms of passing yardage.

Many Vikings fans have taken to the internet and radio call-in shows to express their displeasure with Ponder and it sounds as if they have seen enough of the Florida State product and are eager to see him spend some time on the bench.

The one guy has perhaps seen more of Ponder than anybody, however, feels that he has not seen enough to give up on his former first round pick.  Ever since the final whistle blew on Sunday, Leslie Frazier has done nothing but reiterate that he plans to continue playing Ponder and has barely even acknowledged the possibility of benching him.

So, where are you at as a fan today?  Have you seen enough of Christian Ponder to give up hope?  This poll represents what is ultimately the most important question that the Vikings, as an organization, have to be asking themselves over the next six months or so.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Although I’m pretty much convinced Ponder is not our long-term QB, what point would there be in benching him? If Ponder isn’t our long-term answer, we’re REALLY screwed, so might as well ride it out until the end of the year and see if he can get his confidence back. Right now, he’s completely shook up and the epitome of the Deer in the Headlights every time he takes a snap. Can he come back from that? Doubt it, but let’s find out. Nothing to lose at this point.

    1. You make a good point Fran. But if he struggles in the 1st half next week, you have to pull him in favor of Webb. It could have been done Sunday after that last pick. But I don’t think it would have changed the outcome, only 4 minutes left. Team needs a change at that position, now. The only thing I can think of right now is getting a win against the Bears. With Ponder Vikes have maybe a 30% chance, Webb makes it 40%…that’s my opinion.
      That’s with Harvin out there, without Cheech…those numbers drop
      Like I said…I see your point. But it is very hard to watch, and I just can’t give up the possibility of still making a playoff run. Yeah, silly I know.

      1. I say stick with ponder because webb gives us a better chance to win. We are out of the playoffs so lets get the best draft pick we can.

      1. It was a pretty good one – nice hard shot then just mildly rolled on for about 2 minutes. You don’t get free carnival rides in Ohio do you?

  2. I don’t know, I just don’t know. There’s a missing rhythm to the entire passing game. Ponder seems to constantly be improvising. Throwing off his back foot, lobbing., flipping, throwing on the run, locking onto one (frequently the wrong) receiver. The protection, the receivers, Ponder, it just all looks so sync-less. I don’t t say this to excuse him at all, because he stinks right now, but it is an issue that seems to go beyond just him.

    1. …and of course what ever rhythm we have had this year is missing without Percy. Huge loss to this offense, and no one is more affected by that absence than Ponder.

    2. “but it is an issue that seems to go beyond just him.”

      Valid theory, coach, but there is really only one sure-fire way to put that theory to the test.

      1. But I question if Webb is the guy to test it, Adam. Worth a try though if things don’t look any better at halftime next week. Must win.

  3. Fraziers comment at the bottom-
    “In my mind, you don’t want to get into a situation where you’re not sure who your No. 1 is. We believe Christian is our No. 1.”
    Huh? No, you don’t want to get in that situation. But you OBVIOUSLY are! Denying it does not make it go away.

  4. It is complicated

    ponder probably isn’t worth the time he’ll take up, but if we don’t give it to him and he turns out to be good, we’ll regret it.

  5. Put Ponder back out there. Pull him if he looks like he’s pooping himself. Let Joe Webb run around like some kook. Then put Ponder back out there to start the next game. Repeat until end of season.

    Webb is terrible. Good athlete, not a pro QB. The Vike will not part ways with Ponder at the end of the year. He may not start, but he will be on the roster. We may find he is guy who needs a few years to grow up and settle down on the field. We’d all love to have a young QB who flashes right off the bat, clearly Ponder isn’t that type. Given a good pass blocking O line and quality receivers as well as time to learn, he may have a good career. He has shown he isn’t ready to carry the team as a leader, perhaps he should carry a clipboard and learn as a back up next year if he continues to play as he has so far.

  6. pelissero nails christian to the, uh, well, you get the idea…

    “He finished 12-of-25 passing (48%) for 119 yards and a 41.9 rating that reflected many of the same old issues. He takes false steps in the pocket, bails after one read, hesitates on timing routes, aims the ball and just isn’t accurate in the intermediate to deep passing game.”

    this was a perfect bounce-back game, to just manage it, not give it away, and let AP hand the win to the team. there was no pressure and no reason to throw those two INTs. ponder had better propose to samantha, his 15 minutes is at minute 14 and counting

    a commenter said, “I’d rather see the Vikings give practice squad WR Chris Summers a try in these last few games. He’s 6’5 and pretty fast, not to mention it’s doubtful he could do any worse than Simpson.” let them all play, audie cole, and mbt, too. i don’t give a chit anymore (i will later, but not at this moment)

  7. That was a good breakdown from pelissero, thanks for the link Cal.
    Adam, yep felt that one! 5.8 is hard to ignore. Stuff fell of some shelves but no harm done. And the State sure saved some money when Keyes decided to off himself.

    I guess I’ll agree with the majority, if Ponder sttarts stinking it up, stick Webb in there. And we should also gets some looks at MBT.
    Coach is right about our missing rhythm, just hasn’t been anything there for the past 4 games. Change ’em out at halftime, see what happens I guess.

    1. yw fran, glad to help, pelissero does a good job

      a 5.8 is pretty big. at least you guys get good weather 365 hours a year there

      1. Yeah, you can’t beat the weather up here Cal, or the Summers! I think Summer came on a Thursday this year. . .