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Chris Cook: “I got to rest a lot”

Cornerback Chris Cook has been making some Twitter followers angry because some of his tweets would suggest he is not fully focused on football, which is not something fans want to see or hear after Cook’s health and legal troubles have resulted in what can best be described as an “absence” during his first two NFL seasons.

Cook concludes that those fans that don’t like his tweets should simply refrain from reading them, or unfollow him all together.  I’m no Twitter expert (Brett, you should weigh in) but getting upset about people’s tweets expressing how upset they are about your tweets seems a little tweet-diculous.  Can Cook not unfollow or ban those posting things that are making him angry, the same as he suggests those people should do?

Anyways, Bob Sansevere recently interviewed Cook and I feel like he blew a golden opportunity to ask some good, tough questions.

Sansevere asks Cook about his sleep habits, his twitter accounts, threw him a softy or two about being “misunderstood,” and attempts to lead Cook towards saying he is a Pro Bowl talent.

Here is my favorite Cook quote from the piece:  “I feel like I’ll be better. A good thing about being away from the game is I got to rest a lot. I got my legs up under me. I got to study more. I studied myself a lot on tape from games I have played and from practices. I feel like I’ll be better.”

So, that is the good thing about being suspended?  Geesh, just imagine how good he could be in 2013 if he slips up and gets suspended for all of 2012!


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Adam Warwas

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  1. blue check certified tweeter accounts can block anybody but that wouldn’t be Cook’s style. He seems to be addicted to tweeter although his activity and comments was normal around the court trial time frame. Haven’t followed since

    1. Go check out the article all the Cook bashers. Very interesting read. Profootball Focus SAYS ( this a quote from the article) that Cook is only one of a handful of players that could make that play!!! After describing a play from the Lions game last year. All go read it.

    2. that was an interesting article.. Cook can be a very good db is he stays helthy, but also out of trouble, and get his confidence back.. he lacked that a bit in the first season, could be because of injuries as well

  2. Banks! 6’4 225 tall enough, can he defend the pass?

    We could sure use a lucky draw for Frazier…. who knows

  3. I knew there was a connection somehow Carl. #43 my old mlb jersey number!
    He seems very mature for the age of (26) and I really hope Frazier gets to meet him tomorrow

      1. CALVG, nope 170 pds(hs) won’t get in Div1 college either. I had a dream tho just like Banks
        lol i’m big enough now but 20 yrs too late

  4. If Seattle signs him, Good for Banks! Just want to see him catch on with someone…,

  5. The fact that he’s even still screwing around with Twitter and getting into word wars with his followers tells me he doesn’t get it. I was really hoping that he would turn things around but I don’t get the impression he’s going too.

  6. Ponder is on twitter
    J Sanford is big on twitter
    Kyle Rudolph has the second most twitter follower on the team

    I think it is a sad day for the fans when players turn a cold shoulder to the media and the fans…
    I will cut these guys a break and take the highlights, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

      1. Twitter is certainly the young, hip thing to do now these days. I didn’t think it would be an option for me either but look both Carl and I are over 40!

        The news feed on the bottom works great to catch viking tidbits so twitter is really not needed for some.

        Adam, can you add a few people to follow on the feed? maybe like ann carroll,seifert, wobby,vikingdan, etc

        1. Wobby is on the feed. I tried to only add people that talk strictly Vikings. Seifert covers the entire NFC North. I’ll look at VikingDan.

          Have you guys checked out the VT TweetGRID?

          1. That’s what I assumed Brett( mostly vikings talk) Looks like you have most already. Here are some others: @VikingsWeekly ,VikingsGab, StribDW, VikingsAgeDan

            thanks, will check out the VT TweetGrid

  7. growing trend in the NFL:

    Nickel CB, hybrid LB/S, rotational 3-tech DT, situational edge rusher, nickel cover LB often get enough snaps to be considered starters

  8. 47 years old… I don’t follow twitter or facebook. I am an old dog, but if that is where all the players hang out, I might have to learn a new trick.

    1. I’m 46 Carl and dont follow twitter either but the kids got me on facebook and I do very little on there except check on what the kids are up to. Think I’ll leave the twitter thing to guys like Brett.

    2. Carl,Johnny,
      54 and don’t follow either, Deb does the facebook thing… Guess I will just read Vikings Territory !
      Brett and company are up on it as Johnny has quoted…

  9. The Tweet Gridiron is a really cool way to check out what’s happening in the daily lives of the players. No rookies are on the feed yet but it might be better to wait for roster cuts to add them anyway