Checking In With Packer Joe

Dear Packer Joe,

I know it has been quite a while since we last spoke.  After all, we can barely stand each other, but I thought I should pass along some good news that is now officially official.

After almost a decade of rumors surrounding my parents’ desire to move our family, it turns out that the youngest kid on the block will be hanging around for quite some time.  Dad decided to build a new house on top of our current one, and while we’ll have to live out of a university dorm room for a while, we are staying in the neighborhood.

Now, I am sure you have mixed feeling about this, but I’m writing this letter to you because our love/hate relationship gives us a special bond.  Sure, we only play together twice a year (three if we’re both having a particularly good year), and it always ends with one of us crying as we take the football and stomp home, but those are still the best of times.  Our snowball fights, our mud battles, and our down-to-the-whistle wars are the stuff legends are made of and I am glad they will continue.

So, get your popcorn cheese curds ready you stinky, old bum.  It’s going to be a fun thirty years!

I’m looking forward to it… especially those two days out of every year that you and I cross paths.


The Vikings