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Adam’s Take On Peterson Situation

Brett is busy compiling an extensive “Links of the Week” feature and I have finally gotten a brief moment amongst the chaos that is life to write a quick blurb.  Everybody in the world seems to have weighed in on the Adrian Peterson arrest, so this is probably a little redundant.  Still, it is a topic worthy of discussion, obviously.

I’m not going to rehash all of the TMZ “reports” and supposed eyewitness accounts, and I’m not going to copy and paste all of Peterson’s lawyer’s recent comments.  Instead, I just want to make a few simple points.

1.  Ever since hearing of the news on Saturday I have wracked my brain in an effort to imagine a situation in which it took three police officers and a pair of handcuffs to subdue me.  I couldn’t.  First of all, I’m not Adrian Peterson so one police officer (male or female) could surely take me down easily enough.  Second, I couldn’t imagine a situation in which this would be necessary if I were doing nothing wrong as Peterson asserts was the case in his scenario.  If one cop doesn’t do the trick… I have a hard time believing the guy in handcuffs wasn’t resisting arrest in some fashion.  I’ve never been to Houston, however, so maybe they really do have cops that jump people and rough them up for no apparent reason.

2.  What is the deal with Peterson only being arrested for resisting arrest?  In order to resist arrest you must have been doing something illegal to warrant the initial attempt at an arrest in the first place.  So… what were they arresting him for?

3.  I’m not one to defend criminal actions, but this is probably being blown out of proportion because of Peterson’s celebrity status.  To me, this isn’t the same as a DUI or beating up your girlfriend.  No lives were put in danger and you will be hard pressed to find many guys that didn’t have some late nights that they regret while in their twenties.

4.  I’m guessing this whole thing gets dropped because of the mess Peterson and his lawyer intend to turn this into.  This type of thing will gain extra attention during the slowest part of the NFL year, but I’m guessing it ends up living on as an obscure punch line reference, perhaps a Jeopardy question, but dies a quick death from a legal standpoint.

So, yeah, I’m not calling for his release or trade.  I’m not prepared to get on a soapbox and cry foul on Houston’s finest.  In general, I guess this thing is just kind of a yawner.

And for that I am grateful.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I believe I have fair insight from all sides of this scenario. I am 2 years younger than ap, a law enforcement major and I was a bouncer for 2 years as well.

    Everyone probably did what was expected of them. As a bouncer your trained to be a prick to customers and get them out being pushy sometimes. AP was drunk, probably shoved back, the police saw that went to break it up and it turned into a brawl.

    You can be arrested for resisting arrest even if you didn’t break a law originally, if a cop says your under arrest you go no matter what even if innocent or you could be charged with resisting.

  2. Shouldn’t “prick” be step two or three, Skol? I’m guessing Adrian is not as innocent as he claims, but not as guilty as the cops are saying. Thus, man’s search for the truth continues.

    1. Should be but a lot of guys make it step 1. Reading my post now its kinda scattered but my main point was it sounded like a regular incident that would amount to nothing if his name was bob anderson.

      1. Probably would have still taken three guys to tackle him to the ground, right….?

  3. Yep, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. There’s what’s right and there’s what’s right…never the tween shall meet. Or something like that.

    All I care is if AP can still run.

  4. AD was only at the bar for 30 minutes. And he had his OWN driver(which we should applaud). I really think this is a case of Jerk off duty cop, overstepping. How did AD get punched in the face 2 or 3 times? How did he get coached out to the point he could hardly breath went he got to the police station? I think some off duty cop went on a power trip. And there were several off duty cops working as bouncers that night. I think the DA will drop this like a hot potato.

    1. All of that is speculation though. No one knows for sure what happened. Peterson’s lawyer can definitely not be trusted to tell the truth…

      Like many have said on here, I imagine it’s not as bad as the cops said, and AP isn’t as innocent as his lawyer claims. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  5. well i didnt realize off duty police officers could make arrests or have the authority to do so….secondly there has been some good points made…thirdly the truth at this point i feel is pretty blurry.theres alot of different stories going around…lastly they were in huston..The cops bouncers and bar owner probably are houstan texans fans not vikings fans.