A Time Of Crisis Is A Time Of Action

With perceived threats of relocation keeping Vikings fans awake at night, a certain jet landing in L.A., and a bevy of quotes from legislators suggesting there is little hope, we have officially entered a collective state of crisis regarding the future of the Minnesota Vikings.

Which is exactly where we need to be.

For years now, my reporter of choice regarding all things stadium has been Kevin Seifert over at ESPN.  His logic, from the very beginning, just seemed to have a consistent and matter-of-fact style to it that, to me, came across as the most realistic and reasonable.

For years now, Seifert has played the part of the pessimist.  When there appeared to be a positive turn of events surrounding the stadium situation, Seifert was there to tell us not to get our hopes up, and insisted that nothing would actually get done on this front until we actually entered “crisis mode.”  This always made sense to me, even when I wanted to believe we were seeing significant strides towards a done deal.

Now, with everyone else claiming the sky is falling, Seifert appears to be steadfast and consistent in his realization that this situation would have to reach this level of immediacy before a resolution is found.  Coincidentally, in the current state of affairs, that reverses his role and makes him more of an optimist than a pessimist.

Seifert contends that it had to reach this point all along in order for something to actually happen. 

With NFL heavy hitters Roger Goodell and Art Rooney currently in Minnesota providing officials with a “reality check” it is clear that neither the franchise nor the league is willing, unless they are bluffing, to start this process up again next year.

That officially makes the window of opportunity small enough that we can start to call this “crisis mode” and feel certain that we will soon get a finalized answer on the issue, for better or worse.

Action, whether we like the outcome or not, finally appears to be imminent.