A Fantastic Must-Read Account Of The Stadium Happenings

Nothing makes me like a Vikings article more than when I get to end and I say to myself, “damn it, why didn’t I write something that cool?”

That’s when I know I found something I have to share with the rest of you.

Now, as you have already gathered, this is a stadium related article I’m about to point you towards.  If you are like me, you are more than a tad stadiumed out and have grown tired of the dry accounts of the daily “twists” and “turns” and perhaps have even grown tired of the endless attempts at humor and wit regarding the situation.  This article involves none of the above.

I had never heard of Grantland.com (apparently a Bill Simmons offshoot of ESPN), or writer Steve Marsh, until today.  However, Mr. Marsh has produced an account of the stadium bill’s rise to certainty in an article that will fit quite nicely with the group of readers we have here at VT.

The article is entitled “The House That Christian Ponder Built” and I strongly encourage you to go to the bathroom, grab a high quality root beer, and settle in to read it.  Click right here for the full article.

It is bar none the best stadium article I have read ever.