2012 Vikings Predictions – Game By Game Record Predictions (Part 3)

[Note: This is the continuation of a series where I attempt (that word is extra important) to make predictions regarding the Minnesota Vikings 2012 season. The previous two iterations (Part One and Part Two) take an in-depth look at the Vikings first half of the regular season. Today, we move onward to the third quarter of the schedule.]

Since the 2012 schedule was released, I’ve maintained that the Vikings, in my opinion, have an incredibly favorable schedule. There was a caveat though: the daunting string of games where we play division opponent after division rival after division opponent. This series of games will be the Vikings true test of the 2012 season and will ultimately determine where they stand when all is said and done Week 16.

This intimidating chain of games though doesn’t really begin until Week 12 when the Vikings travel to Soldier Field to square off with the Bears. Positive matchups in Weeks 9 and 10 (followed by a bye in Week 11) are crucial for the Vikings to get ahead far enough to brace themselves for the following brutal, division battles.

So without further delay, let’s look at Week 9 when the Vikings face off with the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field.

Week 9: @ Seattle

There are tons of story lines for this game: Will Tarvaris Jackson still be the starting quarterback after the addition of Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson during the offseason? If so, how will he perform against his old team? Will ex-Vikings receiver Sidney Rice scorch the Vikings young secondary? Will the Vikings new tight end John Carlson show-off for his previous employers? Will Harrison Smith be juked by TJ’s infamous jump pass?

Interesting storylines aside, I expect both the Vikings and Seahawks to perform well and for this to be a close game… Maybe falling on the shoulders of rookie kicker Blair Walsh. Why do I say that? Well, I think the Vikings and the Seahawks are very similar teams who will be at somewhat of a stalemate against each other. The Seahawks have a sleeper defense, a strong rusher in Marshawn Lynch, an unproven quarterback(s), a weak receiving core, etc… etc… See the resemblance?

If Tarvaris Jackson is the starter when we play the Seahawks in Seattle, I think the Vikings win this game.

If someone other than TJ is throwing the rock, I’m not so sure. Just too hard to say not knowing what Matt Flynn can bring to the table.

Vikings win taking another step in the right direction as smiles start to make their way back on to the faces of fans across Minnesota. (For now.)


Week 10: Detroit

I don’t care how much people think the Vikings suck or how great the Lions are perceived to be –  this is a division matchup. Any Sunday it can go either way. Now, there used to be an exception to that rule and, coincidentally, it was when we played Detroit. No more though are the days of the Lions being a door mat.

It will be interesting to see how the Vikings raw secondary does against one of the most prolific passing games in the NFL. The Lions were 4th in the NFL last year in passing yards and through an astonishing 666 passes last year. Calvin Johnson is coming off a humongous contract extension as well as being featured on the cover of this year’s new Madden so his performance this season will be intriguing.

I’m going to give the Vikings the advantage in this game as we have the benefit of being in the Metrodome. Despite the Lions ridiculous defensive line, they still have issues stopping the run and I expect Peterson to be back to full speed at this point and really terrorizing defenses. Furthermore, the Lions defense as a whole struggled last year and I think are offense will be really starting to click by this point in the season.

Another Vikings win. Is this real? No, it is not. (Darn!)


Week 11: Bye

Great spot for a bye week. The Vikings are feeling really good about their performance so far this season. They have time to stop, recoup and get their minds straight before heading into that nightmarish train of grueling games.

I know what you’re thinking… especially if you’re not a homer Vikings fan: “This guy is high! Seriously?! 7-3? Right…”

But I whole-heartedly believe that with the Vikings schedule, such a good record at this point is not completely out of the question.

Either way, don’t worry, the Vikings are coming back down to Earth shortly.

Week 12: @ Chicago

Well, here we go. It starts off with a game in late-November at Soldier Field. How fun!

As an Architect, I have dreams about going to Chicago and getting to experience all the architecture the historic city has to offer. As a Vikings fan, I have nightmares about going to Chicago and playing games outdoors in the frigid air.

The Vikings track record over the last 11 seasons against the Bears at Soldier Field is not a good one having only won one contest since 2001. (Although, I would like to point out that the one game we did win was a glorious one where Adrian Peterson absolutely demolished the Bears defense in 2007.)

It is just incredibly difficult for us to win in the Windy city.

While the Bears offensive line still remains a glaring weak spot and I expect the Vikings defensive line to put a whooping on Jay Cutler, I think the Bears leave this game victorious.

Vikings Lose


Week 13: @ Green Bay

I’m not going to say it’s hopeless… But it is definitely not pretty. And that is something I absolutely despise saying when it comes to games against our cheese head friends.

The Packers put a ton of effort through the draft into upgrading their defense. While I do expect it will pay off, I don’t think it will be immediately. Or even make that big of a difference this season. Their defensive line will definitely be improved with the addition of Nick Perry and Jerel Worthy but their secondary still remains vulnerable.

The Packers defense ranked last in the NFL last year in total yards allowed and passing yards allowed. Not trying to make any particular point there, it just makes me feel better about the fact that we’ll very likely lose this game.

Vikings Lose Again.


Almost There!

There are four more games left to address. And while the Vikings are still in a pretty good position at 7-5, they have some rough games in the fourth quarter of the season. Will the Vikings have a decent enough record to potentially make the playoffs? Will they finish the season above .500?

We’ll answer these questions next time. Until then, share your own predictions and opinions in the comments below.

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Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.

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  1. Well Brett I’m proud of you, your optimism is still alive. I had us at 2-6 after your last article while you left us at 5-3.

    Seattle: I think this will be a very close matchup. I am not as optimistic about AP running all over Seattle, nor am I optimistic about our defense stopping Sidney Rice. Even with those doubts I have been hard on the Vikes in my picks for close games.
    I say Vikings win 27-13

    Detroit: The Vikings have dominated this series at home since the 90’s. But oh how fast things can change, after breaking the winning streak last year Detroit will look to start one this year
    Detroit 35 Minnesota 24

    Bye: I would normally skip this but after this off season I will have to guess a score here.
    Police 1 Vikings Players 0

    Chi Town: Chicago is a dominant team on paper. Paper doesn’t always translate into wins (right Red Sox fans). In this case the Vikings are not a good enough team to beat a talented yet unstable Chicago team in Chicago.
    Chicago 24 Minnesota 13 (and Jay Cutler is still a doosh)

    Green Bay: Yeah not much needs to be said about this one, a cold game in Lambeau vs a much more complete Packers team.
    Green Bay 31 Minnesota 7

    I have the Vikings at 3-9 here, not looking too good for us but the ship is being righted. Kalil/Ponder/Rudolph/Smith/Percy/Ballard/Gerhart/Cook/Robison will all be in their first/2nd year of starting so the progression will be there. We will be the Lions/Bengals of last year by 2014, making a big comeback.

    1. I’d like to think I’m looking at these games as objectively as possible… I’m not incredibly optimistic I just think we have a cake schedule most of the year.

      Seattle I’m not even sure Rice will be healthy. He can’t seem to shake the injury bug. If he is healthy, he could definitely cause some problems for us. (This is why these predictions are such a shot on the dark).

      Good bye week prediction, haha.

      Let’s hope for both of our sanity that my prediction is more accurate than yours, no? 🙂

      1. We do have a favorable schedule but I see this season as a developmental year. I think we win 3-5 games this year.

        The seattle game I did have us winning, both our top offensive players are questionable in the game, should be interesting but I have us the W.

        As for sanity, I’ve been a Viking/twins/wolves/wild fan since I was born in 89. That means my sanity has been long gone.

    2. The Seattle game, if Rice plays, Cook will eat him up. Cook will totaly shut him down.

        1. I have a feeling Cook is going to be a animal this year. I think he will be one the top 5 corners by the end of the season.

  2. Good job Brett.. I think your prediction is more accurate than Skol12.

    Skol – if the Vikings are 3-9 as you say at this point… 12 games into the year… That’s very bad. The final 4 games are going to be tough to steel a win. The Vikings could finish with only 3 or 4 wins for the year based on your prediction.

    If you think the ship is “righted” with 3 or 4 wins again this year,… you are off your rocker. Speilman and Frazier both will be gone if you prediction holds true. Your ship is not “righted”… it will be sunk.

    1. I believe getting rid of Frazier would be a great thing for the team. Also I say the ship is being righted because we are still rebuilding, we are not ready to win, we need a stud wr, ponder needs to develop, ol needs a year or 2 to develop and gel, we need a corner opposite cook(if he proves to be a starter). In all we are close but not ready to compete for a playoff spot. If we can draft robert woods, a solid cb and nt I see us at 9-7 or 10-6 next year. Unfortunately this year we will still struggle being too young and having too many holes.

  3. young teams often choke a lot and need to learn to win. heck, last year’s team did that with older guys

    all depends on ponder, but we’ll prolly suck at least another year, even with this schedule. if we’re at 7 wins at this point, we should beat st. loouser, too, so ending with 8 wins would be damn good after only getting 3 last year

    things feel different already, less worry or anxiety or sumpthin, with the stadium deal in place, just seems to feel more secure

  4. 7-9

    Good early in the year, poop later in the year.

    If Ponder has a good year, 9-7, if he bites like Don McDizzle, well, then 6-10. Assuming we don’t have ton of injuries, we have to win at least 6! That schedule looks as weak as hell. The weakest link has to be the linebackers. We have one guy who is very good, one guy who has been hurt for 18 months and has been slotted as a starter and one guy who enjoys twitter more than the weight room. Please sign Greg Biekert or some other retread…Jack Del Rio? Anyone! Please!!

    They are a year away and the dire need of Ponder becoming a high end QB.

    Just start the damn season. Baseball is for Sally’s, let’s move it along, just shut it down and call if a tie…who give a crap? Coach Buds in anticipation of you trying to spin some yarn about America’s game…yawn!!!

    Hey by the way, for those of us who love college football, it looks like the old bastards who vote on this sort of thing have approved a 4 team play off beginning 2014. This is a good thing.

  5. 8 wins this season…mark it down! I see 10 winnable games, probably win 7 of those. The other one? Week 17 over Green Bay…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..ha.

  6. 1. I firmly believe there is no such thing as an “easy schedule”. Teams go through streaks and injuries and changes, and there is no way to predict those things. The teams who play good football beat the teams who don’t. If we get better, we will win more, regardless of the “strength of schedule.”

    2. Baseball is a very good sport, Freds, regardless of whether or not you yawn. If you wanna beat up on a sport, watch some soccer. Soccer highlights include missed shots and various colored flags being waved at players by officials. Sorry, I just don’t get that sport.