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Vikings Trim Two To Fit Incoming Rookies

The Vikings selected ten players in the 2012 NFL Draft last weekend and immediately agreed to terms with 15 undrafted free agents.

With Caleb King having already been released, the Vikings announced another pair of cuts on Wednesday.

The team has waived tight end Daniel Hardy and guard Butch Lewis.  Neither had ever appeared in a regular season game with the Vikings and both seemed to have incredibly long odds of landing a full time role with the team.

The Vikings now have 65 players on the roster, so once all the rookies are signed, they will be at the roster maximum of 90 players.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. looks great, now there will be heavy competetion at the trainning camps.
    – Also the numbers has now been given out: Kalil will wear #75, H. Smith #22, Josh Robinson: #31, R. Ellison: #40
    – also Jarius wright will be wearing #1 untill teams start cutting people when we get closer to the season (there wasn’t any avaliable numbers left, 80 is retired, and 87 was not avaliable due to something with berrian I think)