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Vikings Start Signing Rookies From The Bottom Up

It bugs us.

It shouldn’t, but it does.

The Vikings seem to always be the last to re-sign their own free agents and also always seem to be behind the curve when it comes to getting their draft selections under contract.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement including a rookie wage scale that greatly simplifies the process of signing rookies, these negotiations are much less volatile and we should not be worried, as fans, about whether or not our entire rookie class will be present for training camp.

They will be.

Still, it is newsworthy that the Vikings have finally started signing their rookie class. 

The signings have started with two seventh round picks, defensive end Trevor Guyton and linebacker Audie Cole, and there are likely more that will follow soon.

All rookies drafted from rounds two through seven will sign four year deals under the new CBA.  First rounders have a fifth year option.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Childs, Wright, Blanton and Walsh have also been signed. I guess it’s better late than never,

    1. Wow Norse you’re really on top of this stuff, you must have a mole at Winter Park or something.

      1. No, I wish I did. Taking care of the Mrs today after her minor surgery so I get to spend more time than usual on the web while she recovers. Just thought I’d pass along some info when I saw come across the teletype to keep everyone up to date. Adam is the one with the numerous moles at Winter Park.

        1. Get well soon wishes to Mrs. Norse. It won’t be long now till the rest of the picks are signed, hell it might happen while I’m typing.

          1. Thanks Johnny, She’s a Dallas Cowboy fan but I did not hold that against her. Seems like the Vikes made a mini purple wave today signing a lot of their draft class. You’re right, it won’t be too much longer when the rest of them are signed.

            1. Takes one big man to love a Cowboy fan, Norse. Hats off to you for your devotion to your bride. “For better or worse” I guess.