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Vikings Receive Two Fourth Round Compensatory Picks

As many expected, the Vikings have reportedly received two fourth round compensatory Draft selections in the upcoming Draft.

The picks were awarded after the Vikings lost Sidney Rice and Ray Edwards to free agency last offseason.  They will get the 33rd and 39th selections of the fourth round.

Compensatory picks cannot be traded, so the fourth round is sure to be one of high importance for the Vikings as they search for depth and sleepers in this year’s class.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Sweet! I was being greedy and hoping for a 3rd and a 4th but two 4th rounders is pretty darn good.

  2. I just read something that made my stomach turn. Green Bay received 4 compensatory picks. You gotta be kidding me!!!

      1. Adam,
        Just curious, I know you said you thought a 4th, 6th and a 7th, Who was the other free agent the Vikes lost that you thought we would get a pick for?

        1. The league must hand out 32 picks. If they can’t hand out that many then they tack on picks at the end of the seventh based on Draft order.

          The league handed out 30 comp picks, meaning the Colts and Rams each got one tacked on to the end of the 7th round. Vikes just missed out by one slot.

  3. I just love that the league handed out exactly 30 so we missed out on the Mr. Irrelevant. I swear they do this crap on purpose. Signing Remi cost them atleast a 5th.

  4. Hopefully Rick puts these extra picks to good use. Now that we have some extra picks, if one the top prospects at a position of need slips to late in the first round, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Vikes moving up to get someone they rate highly. Someone like a Barron, Dre Kirkpatrick, Stephen Hill or Janoris Jenkins would be a nice addition to Kalil.

    1. Actually, if things work out a little bit, the Vikes could stay put in round 2 and draft Harrison Smith. He would be a huge upgrade to their secondary IMHO.

      1. I would be really surprised if he makes it out of the first round. I think the guy has a chance of going ahead of Barron.

        1. He did have a fantastic combine and dispelled any concerns about his mobility. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went in the first round either, but if I had to choose, I would go with Barron. Who do you pick if Stephen Hill, Harrison/Barron and Jenkins are available at 35?

          1. Stephen Hill would be my choice. Don’t like the character concerns with Jenkins. This season is about Ponder and I think the Vikings need to give him as much help as they can. Hill could be an incredible weapon.

          2. I have to disagree with brett. Steve hill is another troy williamson, fast but has butter fingers. I’d take sanu or jeffries over him. But if jenkins is available in round two we have to take him. Smith would be a close second.

            1. Geez! What did Steven Hill do to deserve the Williamson comparison, hah? How many balls did he drop exactly? I think it’s like 6 during his time at Georgia Tech? Everyone has said he has great hands… great combine… great catching at his pro-day. Heck, even Mayock said he’s not concerned about his hands. Of course, I could be wrong… But, to me, Hill looks like he would be an amazing addition to the team. I wouldn’t mind Jefferys in the 2nd either. I think we gotta go WR, though.

              Also, most people have Harrison Smith in the mid-late second, early 3rd. Definitely not in the first round or ahead of Barron.

              Love the discussion guys. This draft is going to be awesome. Adam and I will have some fun stuff in store, too. Going to be lots of little wagers, I imagine. Interested Skol? 🙂

                1. One of the many differences Adam and I have in our mock drafts haha. Don’t worry, we have some wagers going, too.

                  Here are some big boards to kind of get an idea of where most have Smith going:


                  Not saying he won’t go in the 1st… just saying it’s not likely.

                  1. I’m very familiar with those mocks. I know he’s rising up the boards
                    quickly. I would be very happy if the Vikes could trade back a few spots
                    in the 2nd round, pick up some additional pick(s) and then draft him. Big
                    improvement for the secondary IMHO.

          3. Disagree about Hill being another Troy Willamson. First off, he’s a good 3 inches taller and far better built than Williamson. Second, he caught the ball very well at the combine. Third, he wouldn’t have the immediate pressure of living up to the 7th overall pick. And finally, the reason he was unknown in college was because of the run heavy offense he played in, not because he was unproductive (like Williamson)

            1. Calvin Johnson came from that same offense and he was well known. I was being harsh comparing him to Williamson, but I do believe he is going to be too similar to Berrian. Jefferys (MAYBE sanu) is the only WR not named Blackmon or Floyd that i see being a probowler.
              Jefferys is one of two things, hes a beast or a bust (nobody can tell, not even the experts), I figure he would be worth the risk because he could be a top 10 wr in the NFL. Sanu has a more limited upside but less chance of being a bust.

  5. Browns say that will not move up to #3… Obviously that means very little at this time of the year, but just thought what everyone thought about the comments?

    1. I thought the fact that Heckert addressed it the way he did made it seem like Spielman is getting under his skin with all the Claiborne talk. It kinda sounded like a warning that if the Vikes trade down and let someone jump up for Claiborne he’ll try to trade out and make them lose Kalil. I think he’s still feeling sore from having the Redskins bend him over the barrell for the #2 pick and Garcon/Morgan. Or maybe I’m looking a little to much into it…

  6. wow im glad to get 2 fourth rounders….although i wish sidney rice was still here

  7. With all these extra picks, it just increases the chances of the Vikings will be, once again, late to the podium with their pick. . .

  8. The Vikings need to select OT Matt Kalil or CB Morris Claiborne with the first overall selection.

    If WR Alshon Jeffrey is available in Round 2, we MUST get him. This guy is going to be an All-Pro wideout, no doubt.