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Spielman Declares His Options

The Vikings as an organization are suddenly faced with very limited options when it comes to their future inside the boundaries of the State of Minnesota.

The future of the roster, however, is one week away from getting a facelift and General Manager Rick Spielman admits that his options for the third overall selection have been narrowed to three:  tackle Matt Kalil, receiver Justin Blackmon, and corner Morris Claiborne.

Some might argue that Spielman listing those three players is actually an expansion of options, considering Matt Kalil is largely viewed as the only viable prospect to select at that point.

The Pioneer Press reports that the Vikings have given equal grades to all three of these prospects and have not yet decided on who they would select should they decide to stay put and not trade backwards.

“What you’re saying (to the staff) is, ‘All these guys have equal ability,’ ” Spielman said.  “What do you want? Do you want the receiver? Do you want the tackle? Do you want the corner?’”

The Vikings plan to “run the cards” on Wednesday, which essentially means everyone involved will take part in one giant mock draft and see some of the different ways things could play out on Draft Weekend.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that the Vikings would select anyone other than Kalil third overall.  The reason is simple:  a complete lack of red flags.  So, unless Kalil scored a “4” on his Wonderlic Exam or is a closet diva that got his wrist slapped by the NCAA, it should be fairly obvious who the choice is.

Still, there are some (like Adam Schefter) who believe the Vikings will choose someone other than the popular choice that has become Kalil.  If this actually happens, be ready for water cooler chat time at the office to look more like a demolition derby if you work in the Twin Cities.

Spielman did say that he has received some preliminary calls from other teams (which quite possibly means he hasn’t at all) regarding the possibility of the Vikings trading backwards.  Spielman, however, said he would wait until Thursday night to make any sort of decision about that topic.

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    1. Yeah even Mayock said Blackmon wasn’t worth a high pick. he said that only Kalil, Claiborne or Richardson are worthy at #3 and I think he’s spot on.

  1. Lets see here… A sure fire starting LT, a wide receiver many rank and the 2nd best in the draft, or a CB for a team that runs a cover 2…

    Is it possible to fire Rick before the draft?

  2. All 3 are equal with a even grades, Sorry no way…
    Norse is right about Blackmon, He is no Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson.
    Ricks blowing smoke, To me it just sounds dumb on his part, Can’t see anybody buying that…

  3. It’s a deep draft class for WR’s and CB’s. It’s not a deep class for premier left tackles and it never is. If it’s not Kalil, then I’m showing up in front of Ricky’s house with a pitchfork and a torch!

    1. Can I bring the tar and feathers?

      Dont forget Charlie that Ricky’s last gig set the Fins back for years.

      1. Bring all the tar and feather you can carry. I’ll also bring some Quickcrete and we can make some cement swimming shoes.

      2. Ok guys can we waterboard Ricky or is that considered torture? But what the hell he’s been torturing us with all these dogass low level 1 year signings of injured players so I say an eye for an eye.

    2. “Premier left tackle”? According to who? Todd McShay (has never been a coach, scout, or GM)? Rob Rang (is a school teacher in Tacoma)? Shawn Zoebel (is a STUDENT at St. Thomas)? Paul Allen (God help you if that’s the case!)? What draftniks and mock drafters think of prospects are often something entirely different form what the professional scouting community and NFL league personnel think of the same prospect. That’s why guys like Leinart, Gabbert, Travis Mays, etc. don’t go where the draftniks expected them to. You have to look at the opinions of those who were actually scouts and general managers and league personnel evaluators. Let’s look at a few of those and see what they’re saying about Matt Kalil, shall we? ….

      1. “I like Kalil and think he will be a good pro, but I’m not sold that he is even the best tackle in this draft let alone the third best player. In the tapes I have watched I like the physical way he plays the game, but he is also a straight-legged player who has trouble with wide speed and counter moves. He’s a tough kid, but he sure as hell isn’t going to be in the Pro Bowl any time soon.” — Greg Gabriel, NFL Post.

        But what does Greg Gabriel know? He was just a scout and/or Director of College Scouting for Dan Reeves, George Young, Ernie Accorsi, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, that’s all.

        1. Just last week, Charlie Casserly said that he believes Tyron Smith (taken 9th overall) is a better tackle than Kalil. In the same segment, Michael Lombardi opines that Kalil is only as good as Nate Solder… who was taken 17th overall by the Patriots last year and just as easily could have been chosen by the Vikings instead of some third-round caliber QB who is the spitting image of Mark Sanchez. So, how is Kalil worth the #3 overall if Solder went 17th?

          1. On now to the legendary player-evaluator and NFL film guru Greg Cosell:

            “Kalil not as physical + nasty as J. Long, not as naturally fluid + athletic as J. Thomas. Kalil will need NFL experience before top LT.”


            “Watched USC O v. ND D yesterday. If it was only game you watched of USC O, would not have rated Kalil as 1st rd pick. Poor balance in run gm”


  4. No red flags for Kalil? How ’bout him being a below average run-blocker with no lower body strength to stop bull-rushers, as well as his beauty pageant girlfriend tweeting that she doesn’t want him to go to Minnesota or Cleveland? Using the #3 pick on someone who’s out of here in four years sounds like a pretty friggin’ large red flag!

  5. On now to legendary player-evaluator and NFL film guru Greg Cosell:

    “Kalil not as physical + nasty as J. Long, not as naturally fluid + athletic as J. Thomas. Kalil will need NFL experience before top LT.”!/gregcosell/status/189115585282572288

    “Watched USC O v. ND D yesterday. If it was only game you watched of USC O, would not have rated Kalil as 1st rd pick. Poor balance in run gm”!/gregcosell/status/188714646272884736

    That opinion about his run-blocking sure is prevalent! Might be a detriment to a team that runs a 2 TE-set, power-run offense like, say, the Vikings, don’t you think?

    1. Good points Detour, but you are making comparisons to the two best LT’s that have been drafted in the last decade that have made the pro bowl every year (bar when Long was injured). Sure, Kalil might not be as good as them but he is sure better than what we have there now and i’ve seen several scouts say he should easily be able to put on some more weight to add power in the run game. He could potentially lock up the 2nd most important position on offence for the next decade which is something the Vikes could certainly do with.