Second Rounder To Be Announced By Anthony Carter

In the first round of the NFL Draft, Commissioner Roger Goodell gets to have all the fun.  He gets to do that ominous march across the stage, he gets to announce the names of each prospect, and then he gets to see each prospect’s dreams come true right in front of him.

In the second round, however, the NFL Draft has former players of each team announce their respective choices which provides an element of nostalgia and is kind of fun in its own way.  This addition to the Draft broadcast was introduced last year and will continue this year.

This year, for the Vikings, former receiver Anthony Carter has been chosen to announce the Vikings second round choice. 

Carter spent nine years with the Vikings and was elected to three Pro Bowls in that span.  He caught 478 career passes with the Vikings for 7,636 yards and 52 touchdowns.