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More Rumblings Regarding Vikings Third Overall Selection

Whether by design or otherwise, the Vikings are suddenly in possession of the hottest pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The third overall selection that the Vikings hold is suddenly the center of the most buzz.  There appears to possibly be a trade market growing for teams that think Ryan Tannehill could be a franchise quarterback.  Peter King mentioned it earlier in the week, and Matt Flynn’s signing in Seattle has seemingly left the Browns and the Dolphins out in the cold in regards to their quarterback situation.

I find it hard to believe that any team would be willing to select Tannehill third overall, let alone trade up to get him there, but stranger things have happened.

Also, I had previously passed along an article citing an unnamed source saying that the Vikings front office was somewhat split and the LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne could seriously be considered by the Vikings when they are on the clock.

The National Football Authority has a similar article today in which a source “close to the scouting ranks” who says the Vikings will indeed target Claiborne over tackle Matt Kalil and receiver Justin Blackmon.

Claiborne is a quality player worthy of consideration, but I find these unnamed sources stories hard to take seriously this time of year, as the Vikings or any other team could be sending out smokescreens for any number of reasons.

Regardless, the Vikings have successfully gone from “they will certainly take Kalil” to “they have lots of options” and that mystery can only help them in their quest to generate a trade partner in April.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. This damn well better be a smokescreen and it really does smell like one but with Ricky running the show who knows. I hate to say it but with Cook not looking like he’ll be suspended it does take a little pressure off of the cb position. Safety and wr should leapfrog cb for now, assuming Kalil still goes to us at #3.

  2. i’ve read about the Tannehill buzz, too, and i’m starting to think we’ll be able to trade back

  3. As awesome as it would be to have Cook and claiborne at cb and winfield at nickel, Kalil is a bigger need, safer pick and bpa at 3. I wouldn’t want to trade with the dolphins because we would miss out on kalil, claiborne, and blackmon. If we could make the browns trade up for tannehill that would be our best move.

  4. I’ve also heard alot of buzz, that the RAMS want to trade up to 3.. The buzz says they want Kalil. This could get very interesting and scary.

  5. They will take Pat Kalil with pick 3. Not to worry. The only possible thing they could do if they choose to piss away this pick is to start Joe Webb at left tackle. Hell, while we’re at it, just let Joe play left guard as well… at the same time!

  6. What ever happened to the Geoff Schwartz visit today? Haven’t heard nothing yet. Did it actually take place?

    1. Ya it did Norse but Shwartz is still going to visit niners as he said he’d do. Vikes still have inside track tho.

    2. Yeah, Johhny is right, Norse. Sorry we didn’t get much up today… Absolutely swamped at work. Just now leaving. Will try and catch everyone up tomorrow. Thanks!

  7. heres wat i think…spielman would trade outta the third overall slot and first round all together for like 2 or 3 second round picks…weve kinda seen that b4 outta him