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Mock, Mock! Who’s There?

Well, with only a little more than 48 hours until the 2012 NFL Draft is underway, I decided to pull the plug on any last minute changes to my 2012 Mock Draft a little early and call for a final version right now.

My final mock draft of the year is two rounds deep and can be viewed right here.

My top three picks have stayed exactly the same since I posted my first version on January 10th.  Andrew Luck, RGIII, and then Matt Kalil to the Vikings.  I still think there is a very good chance that Rick Spielman attempts a coup and trades back from the three spot, but the mock does not account for trades… or else things would get way too messy.

In the second round, I eschewed the stereotypical need based pick of a receiver or secondary talent and instead went with a guy I felt was clearly the best player available.  Here is a hint:  It’s a defensive tackle.

I know defensive tackle isn’t the biggest need on this roster, but it also isn’t the most solid position on this team either, and I just couldn’t pass up this particular prospect when the mock worked out the way it did.

Anyways, here is the link again, check it out… scrutinize it… and then come back on Thursday and Friday to laugh at how horribly wrong my mock was.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. It’s as good as any your old pal Fragile has seen.

    Let’s hope Hightower falls just one more spot in the second round and the Vike take him.

    Hightower is a mean, fast mother who would really help. Sure it would take a year or so for him to get up to speed of the NFL game, but he’d be a good one.

  2. very very very nice draft Adam. A great talent falling to our laps in the 2nd round. However I would have liked S. Hill more because of his potential..

  3. Vikings have signed Jerome Simpson to a one year contract. Very interesting, especially just before the draft.

  4. Good looking mock Adam. I’ll be happy with Kalil, if that’s the way we go. I’ll also be happy with moving down if we can pick up an extra 2nd rounder.
    Think I’ll activate my Dish Network now so I can watch the draft. I’m up at the Lodge and finally have power and hot, running water! After 4 days, it’s desparately needed.


    See you on draft day Boys.

  5. Nice Mock, Adam. I like the Worthy pick in round 2, I agree DT is not at the top of the list of needs, but he looks to be a good talent. Stephen Hill would definitely be in consideration, although we just signed Simpson and I think we can probably grab a decent WR who slips at the top of the 3rd round. It’s a bit sad we couldn’t address the safety position. I’m really hoping for a trade back with either cleveland or tampa that gives us an extra 2nd or 2rd that would allow the Vikes to pick up, or move back into the 2nd round and a 1st round talent that slips, like Jenkins. Coming out of the first 3 rounds with Kalil, Worthy/Hill and Jenkins would be a fantastic start.