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Frazier Enters The “Loaded Debate”

The Vikings are, for a lack of a better phrase, blitzing the media with the contention that they are undecided as to whom they will select if they keep the third overall selection.

After weeks of Rick Spielman using the media to confuse anyone that knows how to read Head Coach Leslie Frazier has jumped into the action and is also putting forth the notion that the Vikings can justify passing on USC left tackle Matt Kalil.

“You’ve got to really weigh your options,” Frazier said in a recent interview. “Because the philosophy [in the NFL] has always been to get the game-changer. And left tackle is not necessarily the game-changer. Usually game-changers are the guys who can score you points. Receivers. Quarterbacks. So what are we measuring that left tackle against? It’s a loaded debate.”

See, and here is where I either imply that I think this is either all “smoke” or imply that I think the regime running this team is full of idiots.

It is not a loaded debate.

This is not about positional importance.  It never should have been, and it certainly shouldn’t be now.  This is about selecting the best player for your team, the prospect that your thousands of scouting hours, that you have bought and paid for, tells you is the best football player for your team.

It is that damn simple.

Spielman wants to insist that Matt Kalil, Justin Blackmon, and Morris Claiborne all have been given the exact same grades by the Vikings front office.  As someone that has seen what real scouting reports (not the kind you find on the internet) look like, I find it very, very hard to believe that these three players have the exact same grade.

The reports are far too detailed, far too personalized to get me to believe the process has identified no differences between three very different individuals.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. This is all part of(kalil) damage-control directed towards the media and fans assuming the selection of a wr,cb round 1 instead

  2. I think vikings have done a great deal of smokescreen .. There are many that believe left tackle is not a lock .. – and what do we know? They might want to trade down really bad instead.. Vikings have put them in a great situation to succedd. Should no option aqquire, vikings will take the player the like the most and be happy with it.

  3. I can’t see Blackmon being in the equation at the 3rd pick, If he was comparable to Calvin Johnson, a young Randy Moss or one of the other elite WR’s it would be another story.

    They want to go with a game changer, that scores points fine.
    But you can’t tell me Kalil wouldn’t be a impact player on our Offensive line…

    1. I completely agree. Blackmon is over rated and starting WR’s can be found in the 3rd-5th rounds. Can’t say he same for LOT.

  4. go watch elite left tackles and try to tell anyone that they don’t change the game – complete smoke (I hope…)

  5. I’m trying to not even THINK about the fact that the Vikings might not pick Kalil. I want to stay around to see my next two grandchildren-to-be, and that won’t happen if my blood pressure gets that high. If that kid wears anything but purple next fall…, ooooh boy, it won’t be a happy place at my house! I just don’t understand why this isn’t more obvious to everyone. Why???

  6. I would love for us to trade down and still get kalil.. but I just don’t see that happening. perhaps team will jump us to get him then..
    Also if someone forgot Vikings will run a tampa 2 this year.. There is no doubt about that.. Truely cover corners is not neccensary in cover 2.