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First Round Safety Smith In The Fold

Third round cornerback Josh Robinson and first round left tackle Matt Kalil are now the only members of the Vikings 2012 Draft class not under contract.

Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press reports that first round selection Harrison Smith, a safety out of Notre Dame, agreed to a four year deal on Thursday.  There is no indication as to whether or not a fifth year option is in the deal, as no details have yet to be released.

Under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is no reason to believe that Kalil (or any other rookie) could potentially be a training camp holdout.  All contracts are likely to be finalized in a relatively short period of time.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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    1. Hey Norse any idea on how the rest of the teams are doing on signing their picks vs. what Vikes have?

      1. I know there is at least 4 teams that had their draft picks all signed at least a week ago. The Vikes started off slow but caught up quickly. They should just about on par with the rest of the teams right now. However, the sooner the better is my philosophy.

        1. Thanks Norse. Seems like the “domino effect” is still alive and well. Do you think there’s any chance of any rookie holdouts this year with the new CBA in place? If Kalil pulled that crap it would sure throw a wrench into things.

  1. There shouldn’t be any holdouts, but I believe one agency represents several of the first five picks in the draft including Kalil, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see those guys wait until the guy before or after them sign before putting the pen to paper. The only thing they can really fight over is the amount of guaranteed money and I think most of last years high round picks got their entire first 4 years guaranteed.

    1. Thanks for the info Dan, very interesting. I guess it is a little early to worry about Kalil getting inked.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Johnny. There were actually two spammers. They’re both dead now.

      By the way, everyone, sorry for the lack of coverage lately. Yours truly is getting his ass kicked at work and Brett is incredibly busy too. Excuses, I know, but I want you to know I haven’t forgotten about you all and hope to get caught up this weekend 🙂

      1. Oh yeah death to the spammers. This may be a stupid question but what exactly is a spammer and what are they trying to accomplish?

        1. They can’t accomplish anything, that’s their problem. But when you have an IQ of a rock, no motivation and no self esteem, you become a spammer and that is all you have to look forward to for the rest of your life.

            1. They just want to be a pain the arse. That’s the only way they can get attention.

        2. Some spammers have monetary reasons for doing so… those ones usually provide links and whatnot to their sites. Others have malicious intents… and again usually provide links. The ones in our forums section make it past the filters, I guess, by not providing any links… but I have no idea why they even bother.

      2. With my 120th post on this blog, I select hack blogger Adam Warwas out of Alaska. Warwas is a humble blogger, apologizing for not keeping up with news, yet posting the signing of Harrison Smith a day before the Vikings made the official announcement. Scouts say Warwas is a steady and reliable blogger, and one indication of his skills is the fact that most of his followers remained with him when he moved from a previous site to his current site. Experts believe he will be a long term solution to the Vikings fans’ need for accurate and timely information presented with an interesting perspective. Some believe he could be the sleeper of the internet, although his one weakness is the caliber of blogger he attracts, as can be witnessed by some of their comments here. Analysts believe he fell to 120 for this reason.

        1. With a new stadium on the way Coach, he could attract more desirable bloggers now. Could outperform his hack blogger selection very quickly. Only time will tell Coach, only time will tell.

        2. Would have to say the 120th post was Refreshing compared to reading about Johnny’s Big Sister.
          You guys sound like the guys i work with. lol.

  2. BJizzle,

    It was nice to hear from your bigger sister as Freds got caught up on reading past postings. Alot to be said for a bigger gal Bjohnny. They are, well…..well, they have good personalities. That bastard Ole, really cracked Freds up with that posting. Very funny.

    Johnny, Freds was getting nervous that you were going to give up your crown as top poster. Norse and Malted were closing quickly. But damn these past two days, you are back on your game. You are untouchable. Glad to see you’re in full swing. Hey, look at that!! Coach Buds has cracked the top 5, 117 posts? Wow, impressive. Age adjusted, that’s really like 2,345 postings. Pretty good really.

    1. Alright Freds my bigger sister told me that you’ve been burning up the wire trying to get close to her so you better be a gentleman with her or else. Sending her pics of your junk just isn’t gonna work with her, do you know what happened to the last guy that did that? All I can tell you is that he sings in suprano these days.

      1. johnny, is it true that your sister had bigger junk than that last guy?

        and freds, there are advantages to dating johnny’s sis. you can share clothes and razors with her for starters, and she can hold the car bumper up when you hafta change a flat tire

  3. While not wanting to interrupt this fascinating discussion of johnny’s sister, I have what I feel is both a legitimate, but somewhat clueless question: Are these signed and/or unsigned rookies attending the recent OTA’s? It seems like the answer should be obvious, but I don’t have a definitive one. My guess is that the signed ones attend and the unsigned ones don’t. If so, then getting them signed WOULD be advantageous, right?

    Freds, I was under the assumption that Vikings Territory is an equal opportunity blog, and that age discrimination would not be a factor. I hope I don’t have to call my attorney.

    1. Coach, all rookies are at the OTA’s, signed or not. The only two players (besides Asher Allen) not there right now are Jared Allen (always does this, and is allowed to) and Chad Greenway (personal reasons is the excuse given). Everyone else is there.

      1. Thanks Adam. That surprises me a little, because if one of them blows a piston during camp, are they covered even though not under contract? They must be or their agent wouldn’t let them near the place.

        1. this is the most attendence I’ve ever heard about at a vikings OTA.. peterson usually isn’t there during OTA is he?

  4. Another Vikings RB/FB arrested (Jerome Felton). Sheeesh, what is up with this guys!? Good thing we have 23 FB’s on the roster right now. We will need them if this keeps up.