NFL Draft 2012

Compensatory Picks Coming Soon

The power players within the NFL have converged on Florida this weekend for the NFL’s meetings and it should make for a news filled week.

Aside from talks of cheaters (Saints), more cheaters (Cowboys and Redskins), and rule changes we can expect to hear word in the next couple days regarding compensatory draft picks.

The picks are expected to be awarded Monday or Tuesday and most media outlets, and Rick Spielman himself, have long predicted that the Vikings will receive two fourth round picks for letting Sidney Rice and Ray Edwards go last offseason.

Since early December, I have instead been predicting the Vikings will actually receive three compensatory picks from the convoluted formula:  A fourth, a sixth, and a seventh rounder.

Soon, we should find out the real answer.

Next year, it isn’t looking likely that the Vikings will receive any compensatory draft picks.  Their unrestricted free agents are not in high demand and they have already signed tight end John Carlson to a substantial contract.  Steve Hutchinson and Cedric Griffin do not count in the Vikings favor, as they were released instead of seeing their contracts expire.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Is my thinking goofy or would it be better to have 2 fourth round picks than a 4th, a 6th and a 7th? What’s the draft chart point thing say about that?

    1. Yeah, for sure, Johnny. Although, none of them having any real trade value at all because they can’t be traded. But I would surely rather have two fourth rounders instead of the scenario I have predicted.

      1. Whew I’m not crazy after all, bite your tongue Freds. Adam, it does look like this year there should be some very good prospects that could fall into the 4th round, what’s your thoughts on that?

  2. I’m holding out hope for the 3rd rounder for Sidney. I really can’t think of a better young player that changed teams, but his production might keep the pick lower.

  3. I also would like to see a 3rd round pick, however good players and value can easily be had in the 4th round. The past 2 years we have picked up Everson Griffin and Christian Ballard respectively. Not too bad. Ballard could really end up being a steal!.

      1. You are correct. Same year that AP was drafted/stolen. The following year we drafted John David Booty. That was a swing and a miss. All in all the 4th round has been pretty good for us.

        1. Ray Edwards was a 4th round as well. Vikings seems to be picking up DE like creazy when it comes to the 4th round.. Fun fact, jared Allen was drafted in the 4th round as well, just not by the vikings

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