NFL Draft 2012

Community Mock: Day Fourteen

Running back Trent Richardson finally gets selected by the Arizona Cardinals after falling to the thirteenth pick in our 2012 Community Mock Draft. While running back isn’t particularly a need for the Cardinals, our readers must have felt that if Richardson falling that far is just too hard to pass up for the Cardinals. One of our readers Malte said, “Why Trent Richardson is still not taken is beyond my mind. He is by far BPA. The Cardinals would be wise to pick up this great talent, or trade…”

Now, it is pick #14 and the Dallas Cowboys are on the clock. After addressing one of their bigger needs at corner back through free agency (by signing Brandon Carr), the Cowboys could still use depth there and also have a huge need on their offensive line.

Use the poll below to select who you think the Cowboys will select with their fourteen pick.

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Brett Anderson

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  1. Well for the Cowboys this will be a BPA and still fill a need. Degastro is very talented and might be the best gaurd entering the draft in many years. He is a top 10 talent and will be a solid edition to solitify the Cowboys O-line for year to come with Tyron Smith and him.

  2. Ryan Tannehill. The Cowboys shock everyone, but their fans; who realized years ago Romo is overrated.

    1. Tannehill has already been selected in this mock… like the thinking though 🙂

      1. Whoops, I meant Kirk Cousins. Who gets the nod over Weeden because I’m a B1G fan.

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