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Claiborne Chatter Picking Up On Final Day

Even though the day has arrived in which the Vikings will make their true intentions known regarding the third overall selection in the Draft, there is still time for subterfuge.

One interesting report floating around right now comes from Viking Update.  They sent out this tweet saying that LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne’s people were spotted in New York with Vikings gear in tow.  This could be a sign of things to come, but it also wouldn’t be totally unreasonable to expect this is just more smoke.

If the Vikings do not plan on selecting Claiborne, however, then they are doing a darn good job of making it seem that way.  Nearly every media typ is starting to waver when it comes to Matt Kalil being the pick including Michael Lombardi who says the Vikings are “focused” on Claiborne with hopes of getting an offensive tackle in the second round.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. What color are LSUs uniforms? Could easily have been mistaken…
    Regardless of the pick, or if they ‘flub’ this up beyond belief, it sure is one of the more entertaining draft seasons I can remember. SKOL!
    Any chance, in your mind, we trade a player currently on the roster for a #1?

    1. Never say never.

      Who would we get a first rounder for, though? Jared? Maybe Peterson (I have my doubts with injury and contract)?

      I can’t think of anyone else that would be worth a first to anybody. Don’t even think Harvin would net us a first rounder.

      Just wouldn’t make sense unless it was Jared… and any asking price for him better include far more than one first rounder.

  2. I was trying to say, without saying 😉 Oh, of course! Much, much more on top of that #1. Love the guy. One of my favorite Vikes ever. But, a pass rusher like him feels kind of wasted to me when we are in the state we’re in. I say this is the year to do it, when they say it’s a deep draft and his value is the highest. imho
    Basically agree with your previous post.