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All About The Trade Talks

The Vikings have about three hours to find a suitable trade partner or make on very tough decision.

Josina Anderson of said that she recently received a text from a high ranking Vikings official saying that the team is “Still waiting to see if we have a trade partner.”  Another ESPN personality, John Clayton, says that the Vikings are still focused on trying to get Tampa Bay to bounce up two spots.

Clayton, one of the few remaining holdouts, still believes Matt Kalil will be the Vikings choice if they stay at the three spot.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Dear Mr. Ricky –

    Your old Pal Fragile has been one of the few at this here blogs that has not been critical of your keen ability to run a draft board and execute accordingly. As far as Fragile is concerned he will pretend you are starting with a clean slate. We can blame all past draft shortfalls on Childress, Frazier, Wilf, Bill Clinton or anyone else you’d like. But please be aware of this one thing. Fragile will be going to the Target Center to watch the Wolves this evening, but he will have one eye on the game, one eye on the dance gals and one eye on the draft. Ok, well one eye on the dance gals and one on the draft. In any case Mr. Ricky, if Pat Kalil isn’t on the Viking by the time the Wolves are losing by double digits, Freds will SNAP like a twig. Draft him, 3rd, 5th, 7th….Freds doesn’t care just get it done this evening Mr. Ricky.

    The stretch limo is here to pick up Freds for the Wolves game (that no one with any sense would be attending). Remember Ricky……just remember, don’t screw this up.

  2. If I were making the choice for the Vikings I would trade back with the bucs. With the fifth pick of round one I would choose LT Kalil. With my second round selection I would choose WR Randle from LSU. My third round pick would be the DB Johnson from Montana. WIth the next Third round selection from the Bucs I would choose the Safety Allen out of South Carolina. These selection would be the core of my draft and the building blocks for success in minnesota