Adam’s Back, So Let’s Chat!

Howdy all!

So, the Warwas family (dog and all) is finally settling into a new life in Ohio after a very chaotic couple of months.  It was heartbreaking to leave Alaska, but here we are.  I found us some new digs, a set of wheels, and am settling into my new job.

The most significant development for you all, however, is that I finally have internet!  I never would have guessed that in the year 2012 it would have taken three weeks to get internet installed at my home, but that was indeed the case.  A huge thanks from me to Brett for keeping the site going in my absence, but I am thrilled to be back!

To celebrate, I am aiming to have a live chat right here at VT during Sunday’s game in Detroit.  Please, join me, and I will catch up with you all.

See you soon!