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Adam’s Back, So Let’s Chat!

Howdy all!

So, the Warwas family (dog and all) is finally settling into a new life in Ohio after a very chaotic couple of months.  It was heartbreaking to leave Alaska, but here we are.  I found us some new digs, a set of wheels, and am settling into my new job.

The most significant development for you all, however, is that I finally have internet!  I never would have guessed that in the year 2012 it would have taken three weeks to get internet installed at my home, but that was indeed the case.  A huge thanks from me to Brett for keeping the site going in my absence, but I am thrilled to be back!

To celebrate, I am aiming to have a live chat right here at VT during Sunday’s game in Detroit.  Please, join me, and I will catch up with you all.

See you soon!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Great to have you back my friend! We missed ya, and thanks to Brett we are all still kickin’.
    Wow, we get the real refs back and Adam in the same game.
    Coincidence? Maybe…maybe not.
    No matter, I will see you all tomorrow. Go Vikes!

    1. Thanks, CC. It is great to be back! No internet access was killing me! I couldn’t wait to get back to writing. So much to talk about. Week two was some of the worst Vikings football I had seen in years, while week three was some of the best.

  2. Welcome, Guest!

    People to blame ………………………… Larry Ellison …………….

  3. jeez, i remembered the dog’s name, percy, right?

    welcome back, and to the lower 48. where in ohio are you?

  4. Dear Adam,
    Welcome back to America! Thank goodness you didn’t move to Wisconsin.

    Some of us here at Vikings Territory are very curious. What happened in Alaska?

    Is your new job a step up in your career?
    Did the prospect of raising your children in a foreign country concern your?
    Is Fran the Man, really a man? Some people fake that.
    What town in Ohio are you living in?
    Is Mrs Warwas working or is she a full time mother?
    Do you think men in Alaska would fall for a girl who has to shave occasionally?

    Good luck. If you are ever driving through Iowa, you are invited to stop by my brother Johnny’s farm for a visit. Ask him to show you all of his John Deere tattoo’s. He did them himself!


    1. bjBS (Emphasis on the “BS”),

      Alaska treated us great and we will miss it in a huge way. With two kids though it has been a priority of ours to find a way closer to home (Minnesota and Illinois) to raise them near family. The cost of living was making it hard for us to gain much financial traction, too.

      The new job is more of a latteral move. Essentially the same duties, pay, etc… but I am happy to have a good job and think the move was a smart one. Mrs. Warwas is, for now, staying home with the children.

      Fran the Man is not only a man, he is THE man.

      We moved to Findlay Ohio, which is nearby Bowling Green. Northwest part of the state.

  5. Welcome back Bud,
    Good to see ya back in the saddle…
    PS: I,m with Johnette, Glad you didn’t move to Wisconsin. Lol

    1. I was impressed with Brett, too. Wish I could find another writer as good as him to join the bullpen. Any ideas?

      1. there’s a guy named tarvaris with a shaky job in seattle. if he writes as well as he speaks. he’d be great!

  6. Very good to hear that all is well, Adam. You had me a bit concerned for a while. I am sure the move has been difficult in many ways – good luck in getting things going and settled there in Ohio (just don’t drink any Browns or Bengals kool aid).

  7. I went to a bar while the Vikes flopped against the colts. At the same time, the Browns were playing the Bengals. That place was getting a little rowdy, I tell ya what!

  8. Welcome back Adam!!! You’ll have to forgive Johnette, she doesnt handle her Colt 45’s very well.
    What’s our favorite hack bloggers prediction for the game?

  9. Good to hear from you again Adam. Hopefully life can start getting into some sort of rhythm for you here soon. If nothing else it’s a great time of year to be in the midwest. Having lived near Sacramento for about 12 years now, I always get homesick for Minnesota in the fall. I can’t help but notice that your return and the end of the referee hold-out occurred within a couple days of one another. You weren’t perchance at NFL headquarters the last 3 weeks doing some negotiating. Nice job waiting until the Packers got screwed before coming to terms. Anyway enjoy the weather, I hope the move is working/will work out for you, and glad you’re back. Skol to the Vikings and Skol to you and yours enjoy the game.

  10. Hey Adam! Great to have you back and good to know you’re all settled in. You didn’t miss much here in Alaska the last month or so (Except that especially fine double I got on a pair of Ptarmigan the other day)
    It’s rained cats and horses the last week or so, flooding everywhere.
    And I concur about Brett, he did a slam-up job while you were gone.
    Wow, we’re 3-1, going to be a good season here on VT, I’m hoping. . .