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Winfield Says He Is 100% Healthy

Antoine Winfield is the team’s oldest cornerback.  He’s the team’s oldest defender, actually.  Check that… yes, he is the oldest player the Vikings have on the roster, and he knows it.

“I think I’m the oldest player on the team now,” Winfield said in this interview.  “Of course, young guys come and ask me after a play, ‘Which technique did I look good (on)?’ During film study, they sit by me and ask questions, and I answer them.”

Despite his age and the possibility of being relegated to more of a nickel back role, Winfield says he is ready to go.

“I’m 100 percent, Winfield said.  “I think I was cleared the end of March. The last couple of months I’m running around, getting into shape and getting ready for training camp.”

Winfield also said that while he thinks he could play free safety, his body will hold up better at cornerback and it sounds like he plans to finish his career the same way he began it.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. I hope he is healthy. The Vikings would have a good nickel back then. I don’t see Winfield starting. I actually think he maybe a camp cut. But I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Your nuts. Winfield is still a beast (atleast last time he played). He just can’t take on the bigger wrs anymore

  2. If Winfield is healthy he will start, no doubt about it. When teams go to 3 and 4 wr sets Winfield will move to the nickel role but I do hope someone else can spell him once in a while as he is no spring chicken and has injury concerns at this point.

  3. I doubt there is anyway they are going to cut him. He is close to, if not, starting on the outsite, and should play a lot on inside plays as well close to the LOS and blitz everynow and then. He is / was pound for pound the best player in the NFL when Healthy

  4. No hes staying and will most likely be a starter….hes a leader and with our young back field they need a leader and an advisor at that his contract was designed to allow him to retire a viking.

  5. I was talking to some Vikings fans at work. I think it was about 7 or 8 of them and not one of them thinks Winfield will start or should start. Winfield is aging and didn’t look very good last year. Everybody said let Cook and the rookie start. I would actually prefer to see Winfield play some safety, and see how he does.

  6. If he is 100% He will start, He may be long in the tooth, But he is still one of the better ones…