Week Five Injury Update

As the Vikings approach their week five matchup against the Titans, a number of high profile Vikings have unexpectedly been added to the injury report, and here is the report from Wednesday:

LIMITED PRACTICE:  Erin Henderson (concussion), Charlie Johnson (back), Christian Ponder (knee), Marcus Sherels (quadriceps), and Antoine Winfield (knee).

DID NOT PARTICIPATE:  Jared Allen (groin), Michael Jenkins (ribs), Mistral Raymond (ankle), and Andrew Sendejo (ankle).

Christian Ponder wore a wrap during practice on Wednesday but is expected to play on Sunday.  Henderson, who suffered his head injury in week two, is being worked back into the practice routine with great caution.

Allen was able to return to the Lions game after stretching his groin, so it seems likely that the Vikings are just giving him some rest so he can be ready to go against the Titans.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Get used to it fellas. 30 years from now all those places will hurt every day. (Except for the quads, they’ll pretty much be gone.)

    Adam or anyone, I assume the only two who might miss the Titan game are Raymond and Henderson?

  2. I think Erin needes to take his time. Defense seems to be better with him injured I’m sorry to say.
    If Jenkins doesnt play does that mean Wright will take his spot?

    1. Probably, johnny. I mean, the only one left is Wright, right? (Don’t tell Tomb I did that. He’s not very fond of puns.)

    2. Freds couldn’t agree more with you Bjizzle. The Vike should be very careful with Henderson. They should give him 12 weeks more rest.

      1. Haha for some reason I figured my old Fragile pal would agree on Henderson.
        Don’t worry Coach I won’t tell Tomb about the pun. lol

    3. Johnny,Freds,
      I’ll 3rd that one, The defense looks to play better with out him for sure.

  3. Ugh, you are without compunction. I’ve been clear about puns. You punks feel you can drop the punt of jokes with impunity. The puniest punch ever spun for comedy should be expunged from the record. Humorist pundits say it punctures humanity’s core, with much punitive damage. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to be punctual with my acupuncturist.